Greg Miller

Young boy says grandfathers are miracles

A young boy named Dale and his grandfather, Denver, were discussing miracles.
“Do you believe in miracles?,” asked Dale.
“I most certainly do believe in miracles,” replied Denver.
“What are some of the things you consider miracles?,” asked Dale.
“The wind is one of the things I think is a miracle,” Denver said. “We can’t see it, but we can feel it when it blows and we can see its effects around us all the time.”
Another miracle, Denver continued, “is the fact tat God created the heavens and the earth. Every time I see a tree, an animal or a rainbow, I know I am looking at another of God’s miracles.”
“I’m getting pretty good at noticing miracles, too, Grandfather,” said Dale.
“What are some of the miracles you’re noticing?,” asked Denver.
“Every time a new baby is born, it’s a miracle,” observed Dale. “It’s a wonder to behold the gift of life that God shares with the world with a newborn baby.”
“It sounds like you’re growing up,” said Denver. “You’re certainly using the brain that the good Lord gave you.”
“That’s the reason He gave it to me,” chuckled Dale. “Seriously, Grandfather, there are a lot of miracles out there, if we just take a little time to look for them.”
“If you think about it, the brain itself is a miracle,” said Dale. “God equipped us with brains so that we could have a choice to worship Him in every aspect of our lives.”
Dale continued, “Mom uses her brain to whip up the most delicious meals in the world. And Dad…well, Dad is the most intelligent guy I know. He’s a computer guru, plus he’s a genius when it comes to working on our car.”
Dale remembered that miracles was the topic of conversation. “We’re talking about miracles, Grandfather,” said Dale. “And I just want you to know that I consider grandfathers to be miracles.”
“Why is that?,” asked Denver.
“There are several reasons,” replied Dale. “You’re always concerned about my welfare. You ask about my grades I’m making in school, and you offer to help me with my homework. You’re always there to watch me play baseball and football. And you’re never too busy to say ‘hello’ to me on the telephone. But the biggest reason, Grandfather, is every time I see you or talk to you on the telephone you always remember to tell me that you love me and that you are praying for me. So you see, Grandfather, you are one of the biggest miracles in the world.”
“I’ve been called a lot of things in my life,” said Denver, “but I think miracle is one of the best names that anyone could call me. And, by the way, I think grandsons are miracles, too!”
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