Joseph Trance

Heroes' Halloween Prep

     Superman , seated at the kitchen table, picked up the green kryptonite rock candy  and began to chew on it.  He bit down hard using both his front teeth and back molars to make sure the pieces were small enough for him to swallow.  The marshmallow, chocolate and green food coloring, mixed, and became a nice gooey mess.  He put his front teeth together, pushed it through, and made it all seep out.  It oozed out and covered his lips.
"Hey!  Hey!  look..look!"    He hissed through closed teeth.  The other heroes all stopped what they were doing and looked.
"That's ...disgusting!!! ”Iron Man said, and shook his head. "Disgusting but...very...very..Funny.  He laughed till tears came out his eyes.

  Seated on one of the lounge chairs, Norin Radd, aka the Silver Surfer, smiled as he picked up his surf board and began to scrub it with a steel wool  pad.  He looked at the other make-shift boards around the room, trying to decide where he should put them to decorate the house.   In another corner of the room Bruce Wayne picked up his utility belt, pulled on the Bat-o-Rang and checked to make sure the return wire was still strong.  He nodded and then picked up the Bat paper cut-outs and began to string them together.   Peter Parker, slumped on the couch, took a can of silly string and began to make webs across his arms and hands.  He looked at the design, nodded his approval, pointed the cans nozzle at the crown molding above him and began to spray.
    Zena, Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, and Supergirl entered the room giggling. They stopped mid-giggle, looked at the Hero men, and shook their heads in unison.
  "Men... “Wonder Woman huffed.  She whipped out her lasso, threw it and it wrapped around the Surfer’s Board.  She snapped it back to her and the board flew into her hands.
"  Hey!"  The Surfer said,  "Not nice, woman!"  he yelled. 
"Don't get your surfer shorts in a bunch," she snapped, as she inspected the board.  "You missed a spot," she said as she ran her hands over the board.  She threw the board back at him and snapped back her lasso.  Supergirl, wanting to get into the action, took a deep breath.  Her super lungs filled, and she blew into the room. Green Rock candy, Black paper bats, Silver Boards and silly string web flew in all directions , tossed by the super whirlwind.
   Supergirl laughed as Batman and Spiderman pulled themselves up from the floor. 
      Lois Lane reached into her bag and pulled out a digital tape recorder.
She hit the "record button” and began to speak softly.  "Halloween 2010, a super feud is about to erupt, Lois Lane on the scene, reporting."
Zena gave a warrior princess yell.  Everyone stopped in their tracks.  She looked around the room at the men and then said
"You boys need to stop fooling around and get this house in order.  Kids will be coming soon, expecting candy and a house full of...Super-duper, and you're all doing....this."
She waved her hands at the mess.   "Come on now and let's get going. We need a plan."
Lois turned off the digital and pulled out a Notepad.  "Let's go," she said.  "Group meeting." 
   The Super Heroes slowly moved to the meeting conference table.  They slowly took their seats.
"Men..."  Wonder Woman said.  She shook her head, and placed her lasso under the table    


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