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Full-time surgeon begins part-time veterinary gig

Preston, a surgeon, was a very dedicated physician.
“Lord, please guide my hands as I work to be an instrument of your healing power,” Preston prayed. “Restore strength and usefulness to the person, according to your divine plan. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”
Pierce, one of Preston’s patients, needed surgery to repair his hand, which had been injured in an automobile accident. As was his custom, prior to the surgery, Preston prayed silently for Pierce.
“Pierce will be fine,” the Lord assured Preston. “I’m using you to be an instrument of my healing. Pierce lives his life to serve me and, after the surgery, he will be able to resume making the crafts that he sells to raise money for his organization’s missions program.”
After Pierce’s hand had healed from the surgery, he sent a card of appreciation to Preston, thanking him for performing the operation. “It feels wonderful to be able to use both hands again,” Pierce wrote. “I also want to thank you for praying for me. I believe the Lord used your prayer, as well as your surgical abilities, in making my hand better.”
Preston responded to Pierce’s note with his own personal message. “I’m sure prayer is the most important part of the process,” Preston wrote. “God is the Great Physician.”
Preston continued, “When I began thinking that the Lord wanted me to become a surgeon, I promised Him that I would pray for each patient on whom I operated. You’re the first one, though, who has written to thank me for praying for them. It means s lot. I appreciate it.”
Unknown to Preston, some of his patients, including Pierce, were also praying for him. “Lord, I thank you for Preston’s faithfulness to you,” prayed Pierce. “I ask that you bless him abundantly and help him to fulfill the medical ministry to which you have called him. Please bless him for using his ability for your glory.”
Preston decided to expand his ministry to operating on small animals, so he enrolled in veterinary school as a part-time student. After graduating from veterinary school, Preston performed surgeries on dogs and cats, while continuing his full-time surgery practice.
Patricia, Preston’s wife, was concerned that he might be working too hard.
“If you don’t slow down a little, you’re going to wind up in the hospital and need some medical help yourself,” she said. “You may even need surgery.”
“Don’t worry,” said Preston. “You’re forgetting that I know a pretty good surgeon.”
“You’re forgetting that you can’t operate on yourself,” said Patricia.
“Oh, I’m not talking about myself,” Preston laughed. “I’m talking about our daughter, Penny. We didn’t pay a ton of money to put her through medical school for nothing!”
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