Greg Miller

Walk ends with unusual observation

Joan and her sister, Jean, loved to walk.
The ladies lived in a major metropolitan city on the East Coast, and they enjoyed visiting other cities to walk in those municipalities’ parks.
One Saturday, the sisters decided to visit a metropolitan city on the West Coast and walk in that city’s biggest park.
Local and national broadcast media provided coverage of the event, which was expected to draw onlookers from far and near.
Jean and Joan planned to walk for about four hours. They were joined by several walkers from the West Coast city.
After about 30 minutes, the walkers stopped for a five-minute break before continuing with their walk.
Wildlife, including deer, rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks were among the animals the walkers saw.
An hour into the walk, the group stopped for another break.
“I love to walk,” said Jean. “After I walk, I feel great. You know, like I can take on the whole world.”
“I know,” said Joan. “Walking makes me feel so healthy and alive.”
After pausing for a drink of water, the walkers resumed their trek.
A young lady named Jackie began talking to Jean and Joan while they walked. “I’m going to ask my pastor about starting a new Sunday school class that will incorporate walking into the curriculum,” said Jackie. “We could even hold the class in a park and walk while the teacher is instructing the class.”
“It could be a great witnessing tool,” said Joan. “It sounds like a great way to invite new people to Sunday school and church.”
“Thanks for the encouragement,” said Jackie. “I’ll ask my pastor about it on Sunday.”
Time passed swiftly and, before the walkers realized it, their walk was almost over. “We just have to walk up and down this next hill, and we will have reached the end of the line,” said Jackie, who knew the park well.
Joan suddenly noticed something unusual about her sister’s appearance. Jean wore glasses, and they were in place. However, Joan observed that Jean also was wearing a second pair of glasses, which were attached to the back of her head.
“Why are you wearing those glasses on the back of your head?,” asked Joan.
“I just had my eyes examined and got new glasses,” said Jean. “I wore my old glasses on the back of my head for a very good reason. You see, I was afraid I might get lost, and I thought if I wore my old glasses on the back of my head, it might keep me from getting lost. I thought if I could keep track of where I’ve been, it might make it a little easier to get to where I’m going!”
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