Meike Schrut

Of the devil`s son (2.)

If her father lost now, however, almost every 2nd play against them, he flew into a rage for a short time. Was enough even this time span to kindle thunderstorm and on disturbed seas ships got in sea need. It was to be owed only to the countless goblins, witches and fairies that even more evil did not happen.

Sometime even the magician saw that his behaviour could not well be for the people and he considered what he could undertake to his dispersion other. One day he fixed that from now on every month one of the kings has to come to him to play with him: Maps, chess, gulf etc...

The magician knew almost all rotten tricks and the rulers did not dare to appeal to him as a result. He talked continually to them, deflected them, she mocked if they had booked only the thankless 2nd place once again.

The loser had the dubious honour to have to give something to the powerful figure. But sometime diamonds, horses, carriages, money, servants and female servants had booked the gigantic castle and the arrangements in addition at least partly very much. The magician had enough again of this pastime and this time he became furious about himself.

The 13th king was still absent. This was not only the most skilful, he was also sensitive, afraid and the people praised him beyond all measure. He won as an only one against the magician, the best solution." knows his smart answers with the play "around Whom disarmed the sullen magician. And, nevertheless, he could not be glad about it. As should appear: rightly! As usual if losers are mighty, they try everything, nevertheless, still to her advantage to turn and thus the magician put to him another as he said: very last riddle.

"Solve it, then I leave You and you can switch just as one likes and prevail, however, must get by also without my support!"

The king asked for time to reflect, it was granted. Since on support there depended almost all his brothers and he wanted to consult with them how they could get by in case of his victory without help of the magician.

With his surprise they agreed immediately with it, as the people had enough of the moodiness of the magician. The daughter of the 13th king looked to her father that he was depressed very much and asked him what he would have. "I do not know the solution, so much I also think about it, because what should be the secret of the insignificant devil's son?"

Also his daughter did not know it, but she promised to travel in the sombre country of the devil, so fast it would go then...


2. Part


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