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Church gets a new member

Restaurant Manager came up with an idea to beef up the menu of the upscale restaurant she operated.
Restaurant Manager said diners could share their recipes in the following categories: Meat-and-Potatoes, Veggies, Breads and Desserts.
Four weeks later, Restaurant Manager chose the winning entries, which were added to the menu. Madylin’s Meat Loaf-and-Sweet Potatoes won in the Meat-and-Potatoes category.
Each winner received a certificate good for two free meals at the restaurant. All winners gave their certificates to community members, who were in the lower income levels.
All of those who received the certificates felt they had received a great blessing from the Lord. “The only places I can afford to eat are fast-food hamburger restaurants,” said MandiLu, who received Madylin’s certificate.
MandiLu went to the restaurant for her first free meal. While there, she asked to speak to Restaurant Manager. “This is a great restaurant,” said MandiLu. “I’m going to tell everyone about it.”
“Thank you very much,” said Restaurant Manager. “Word of mouth is our most effective form of advertising.
“While I’m here, I’d like to invite you to the church I attend,” said MandiLu. “Our pastor preaches that Jesus Christ is Lord and that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. The pastor tells us that it is the job of every Christian to tell others about  Jesus’ love.”

“Your pastor preaches it like it is,” said Restaurant  Manager.
The following Sunday, Restaurant Manager visited the church. Restaurant Manager was so impressed that at the end of the service she asked to become a member of the congregation. She told the pastor, “You preach the Word of God in a powerful and relevant way. I’d be proud to be a member here.”
“It’s my pleasure to welcome you as a new member,” said the pastor. “And to honor you and all of our other new members, we’re having a time of fellowship and refreshments after tonight’s service.”
During the time of fellowship, all of the new members were given an opportunity to share some thoughts with everyone.
“This is the most dynamic church in town as far as I’m concerned,” said Restaurant Manager. “It serves the best spiritual food in town. I’d also like to take just a moment to invite everyone to visit the restaurant I manage. I believe we serve  the best-tasting meals in town. Once again, thanks for allowing me to become a member of this church.”
“It’s our pleasure to have you here,” said the pastor. “I believe you will be a great testimony to the Lord Jesus Christ, and that you will be a great asset to this church.
“And don’t forget…like I say in my sermons… ‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.’”
“That’s good preaching,” said Restaurant Manager. “And it’s one Bible truth that makes for a tasty spiritual dessert.”
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