Greg Miller

Months debate their importance

Several of the months of the year held a conference to discuss their level of importance to the world.
Conference participants included January, April, June, September, November and December.
Since she felt so important because she was the first month, January mailed invitations to the months she wanted to attend the conference. She considered including all 12 months, but after giving the matter a few moments of not-so-serious thought, she decided against sending those invitations.
The conference began and, as expected, January was the first to offer reasons for being the most important month. “I’m first for a reason,” said January.
“I offer the first day of every new year,” she said. “I’m definitely the only month who is qualified to be first on the calendar.”
January introduced April with a not-so-friendly, “You’re all wet, but it’s your turn to speak.”
April approached the microphone, raindrops still running down her smiling face. “I only have a few words to say,” she said. “I may be crying on the outside, but I’m smiling brightly on the inside. I’m very sorry that May wasn’t invited to the conference, because she has the most beautiful flowers in the world.”
Full of energy from basking in the sun he provided, June proclaimed, “I’m the month who gives summer to the world. I’m definitely the best month in which to live.”
September felt a little depressed because he was so far down on the agenda. “I know I should be higher than ninth on the list of months,” he sighed. “After all, Labor Day is one of the most important holidays of the year. It’s the last major holiday before autumn officially arrives.”
“You think you’re important!,” snorted November. “I’m the month who offers Thanksgiving to the world. Plus, many people take a day off work to celebrate me.”
“Well, I don’t want to toot my own horn,” said December, who thought she was the prettiest month. “But it seems that since we celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ during my month, that I just might be the most important of the months. And don’t forget that I provide the last day of each year for a great New Year’s Eve celebration.”
“Maybe we should have invited all those other months to hear about their contributions to society,” said April.
“And maybe we shouldn’t have done that,” said January. “I don’t like too much competition.”
Sun, Moon and Stars had been listening to the heated discussion. Sun, the spokesman for the group, decided to shed some light on the conversation. “We are at least as important as you guys and gals,” he said. “Without us, you would always be in the dark!”
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