Kazeronnie Mak

[ HE ] and [ SHE ]

A senior professor said to the students in a class,
‘We are going to do a survey today.’
‘ SURVEY !’ the students thought that mightbe more interesting than the lecture.
There were only two questions on the paper when they received it.
Question 1 : She is a gorgeously young lady with a lovely oval face,
bright-eyed, fair skin and a beautiful slender figure.
He loves her very much.
Unfortunately, she comes across a car accident one day.
Her face is seriously burnt and remains a big ugly scar.
Do you think that he will still love her as usual ?
Answer : A –HE MUST.   B – HE MUST NOT.  C – HE MAYBE.
Question 2 : He is an elite in the business circles, well bred, intelligent,
well educated and handsome.
She loves him very much.

Unfortunately, he goes bankrupt one day.
Do you think that she will still love him as usual ?
Answer : A – SHE MUST.  B – SHE MUST NOT.   C – SHE MAYBE.
The students finished the survey in a very short time.
The professor did the statistics and found……..
The students’ choice on question 1 :
10% --- [A ]   10% --- [B]   80% --- [ C]
The students’ choice on question 2 :
30% --- [ A ]   30% --- [B ]   40% --- [ C ]
‘It looks like the disfigurement of a belle to be compared with
the bankruptcy of a man. It is totally intolerable, right ?’
said the professor with smile.
‘Have you assumed that HE and SHEwere the lovers-relation in
subconsciously when you did the questions ?’
All the students replied, ‘Oh, yeah !’
‘But, the topic didn’t indicate that they are the lovers-relation.’
The professor looked at them in contemplation.
‘Now, let’s presume that, if …….
[HE ] is her father on the question 1.
[SHE ] is his mother on the question 2.
Will you insist on the same answers if you do the survey all over again ?’
All the young faces became serious when they held the paper
in hands once again.
It was stone quiet in the class instantly.

The professor collected the papers later on.
He did the statistics and found......

The answer was 100% --- [ A ] on both questions.
The senior professor said in a deep touching voice,
‘There is a unique love in the world.
It is through the ancient times to elongate.
It is selflessly given.
It is not because of the variable of seasons.
It is not because of the up or down of the fame and gain…….
It is the love of our parents.

love + love = very much love.
love – love = love right back from zero.
love xlove = love unlimited.
love ÷love = love loneliness.
Thus, what does the love mean to you ???

Especially, the love of our parents and our siblings,
we all understand that we will never have a title
to choose the member of our kin.
Hence, the love and acceptance are the only way out !


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