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Second-graders tackle career choices

Faith, Felicia and Fairness were second graders who loved to play “make believe” about their future careers.
One afternoon, however, the young ladies met to plan their futures for real. They met in a city park so they could enjoy the nice cool breeze. Faith’s mom accompanied them to the park, which was about one block from the community in which they lived.
After spending about two hours talking over various options, they announced their decisions.
“I must go first!,” exclaimed Felicia. “I can’t wait another second to share my thoughts!”
Knowing Felicia’s continued insistence on being first among the trio to make a major announcement, Faith and Fairness agreed to her request.
“I’m going to be a waitress in a fancy restaurant,” said Felicia. “I like listening to the relaxing music they play, and I love meeting new people. I’ll earn lots of tips, so I’ll make enough money to support several missionaries.”
“Thanks for letting me go second,” said Fairness, who always enjoyed being in the middle of things.
“I’ve decided to work as an astronaut,” said Fairness. “I’m going to work on a contract basis as a corporate astronaut.”
“So instead of orbiting the earth for the government, you’ll be going around in circles for yourself,” said Faith.
“That’s a good way of putting it,” said Fairness. “Plus, I’ll make lots of money, and when I’m not flying, I’ll be able to earn millions of dollars as a public speaker.
“I plan to give most of that money to a charity that helps needy children. Plus, I’d like to build a bunch of new orphanages all over the world.”
“How about you, Faith?,” asked Felicia. “What’s tugging at the strings of your heart?”
“I want to be a missionary,” said Faith. “Every time a missionary comes to our church, I get so excited about the work they are doing…you know…helping sick and hungry children and telling them about Jesus Christ, digging wells so people in small villages can have clean water, and providing Bibles and other written materials for evangelism projects.”
Faith told her friends that she didn’t know in which country she wanted to serve. “I do know I’d like to visit China, Great Britain, and Liberia,” she said.
Faith, Fairness and Felicia then stood in a circle, clasped each other’s hands and prayed for God to direct their lives.
“Lead us by your Holy Spirit, so we will always do your will,” prayed Fairness. “In Jesus’ name. Amen.
Felicia then prayed the prayer. Her “Amen!” was so loud that she startled her friends.
“You shouldn’t pray so loudly,” joked Fairness. “We don’t want to offend anyone!”
Looking to the right, then to the left, Faith proclaimed, “There’s no one around except for a few birds and butterflies, and they’re smart enough not to be offended!”
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