Greg Miller

Couple prays for a son

Abbie and Arthur had been married for five years and they were praying for a son.
Abbie was trusting that the Lord would give her the desire of her heart. Thus far, however, she had not been able to conceive.
“Oh, God!,” she exclaimed. “Please hear my grieving spirit! Give me a son, and I will raise him to praise and glorify your name!”
Arthur also prayed to the Father, asking Him to allow his wife to bear a son. “Sovereign Lord!,” he cried, “I promise if you give us a son, I will be the best father I can be!”
About three months later, Abbie and Arthur visited a physician, who had great news for them. “In a few months, you two will become parents,” said the doctor.
The physician, Dr. Babee Deliverer, also had a surprise for the happy couple. “It seems that the Lord is blessing you with four sons!,” he said.
“Four sons!,” exclaimed Abbie. “Now that is a surprise, I was pretty sure I was expecting, but I wasn’t anticipating so much of a blessing. Thanks for the good news, Doctor.”
“Yes, Doctor, thanks for bearing the glad tidings,” said Arthur. “We may even name one of the boys after you.”
“It would be a huge honor for me if you gave them Biblical names like Adam, Moses, Matthew and Paul,” said the doctor.
After Abbie and Arthur left Dr. Babee Deliverer’s office, they returned home, enjoyed a quiet dinner, then went for a walk in a nearby park. The couple walked over several scenic trails.
“This park is certainly quiet,” observed Arthur. “The only sounds I hear are the rustling of the wind through the trees and the cheerful singing of the birds.”
The tranquility was interrupted by a loud, “Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad! I’m Matthew, your son. Thanks for bringing my brothers and me to this fantastic park. It’s so peaceful. Adam, Moses and Paul can’t talk to you yet, but I thought I’d pop up for a little chat.”
“This conversation certainly is a pleasant surprise,” said Arthur. “Your mom and I both prayed for a son, but it was a real shock when we learned four of you guys were on the way.”
“Very true,” said Abbie. “But I’m just thinking…if all four of you are hungry at the same time, I won’t know which of you to feed first.”
“I’ll help you make that decision, Mom,” said Matthew. “I am now putting in an official request to get my bottle first.”
“OK, Punkin,’” said Abbie. “But I still have one unanswered question. We prayed for one boy, but the Sovereign Lord is blessing us with four.”
“That’s easy, Mom,” said Matthew. “When you pray to God with a special request, sometimes you get much more than you bargain for!”
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