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  Captain Jessica Kimball, Chief  Investigator of  the Technical Advanced Deaths Unit (T.A.D.U.) , set the neuron scanner   on “probe” and pushed the two output wires through the skull of Jane Doe.   She had positioned the wires carefully so that they could download Jane’s most recent visual experiences.

Jessica also engaged the “most Frequently” app on the brain reader and pressed the “on” button.    The download occurred in 3.5 seconds and what had been considered by Jane’s mind over the last week, was instantly transferred into the reader.

Jessica then took her mini laptop out of her man-bag and connected the reader to it.  She looked over at Jane’s lifeless body, and said, “O.K., Janie…let’s see what’s been in your mind lately.”  She engaged the “Probe”  function first.

The laptop’s screen brightened and instantly a visual of a “Guide Directory” from a cable box came up.

Jessica watched as the screen replayed Jane’s scanning, as the highlighter bar moved from show to show:

CUT  THROAT, DEAD AGAIN, THE GRAVE  YARD TRILOGY, and Best of 1000 Deaths, all came across the screen.  The red dot indicated all  the shows had been recorded.

“Horror junkie,” Jessica said and shook her head.

She switched functions on the reader and engaged the “Most Frequently” App.    Blood, violence, and gut scene’s filled the laptop screen…in slow motion.  Over and over again, the scene’s played and replayed.

Jessica turned off the Reader and pushed the probe wires deeper into Jane’s skull…going into her long term memory…years.  She turned on the laptop again; similar scenes different shows filled the screen. 

“Homicide?”   Sheriff  Charles Rodin asked.

“No.”  Jessica said.

“COD?”    The Sheriff asked.

“An “CBOX-E-E:  -LT Category. “  Jessica answered.

“ Cable BOX  Exposure to Evil…Long Term.”  Jessica answered Rodin’s confused expression.

“She’s been dead for a long, long time.  It just took awhile for her body to catch up,” Jessica said as she disconnected the probe.





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