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New airline promotes Christian ministry

Brand New Airlines of the Christian Faith offered in-flight chapel services on all its  flights.
The airline’s chaplain, Pastor Carl, continuously exhibited a positive attitude. “I like to live with my head above the clouds,” he joked.
Pastor Carl faithfully conducted worship services aboard the airline’s No. 1 Airplane every Saturday and Sunday. “You don’t have to miss out on worshipping God in church just because it’s the weekend,” he said.
Pastor Carl used a variety of tools to illustrate his messages. One Saturday, several passengers were asked to compose and recite short poems about their relationship with Jesus Christ. The following day, he asked passengers to share a few brief testimonies.
Pastor Carl used the airplane’s take-off and landing processes to describe the mountains and valleys of life. “Each of us experiences life’s highs and lows,” he observed. “But through all of our joys and trials, the Lord Jesus Christ is with us.”
One weekend, Pastor Carl was sick, so he asked his assistant chaplain, Pastor Cornett, to share God’s Word with the passengers.  “I would be thrilled to fill in for you,” said Pastor Cornett in a phone call from Pastor Carl. “I look forward to flying again. I haven’t flown for many years. Do you have any tips about in-flight ministry that you can share with me?”
“Well, let’s see,” said Pastor Carl. “You must remember that you are ministering to people of varying faith backgrounds. You must share the love of the Lord with all  passengers, giving an equal opportunity to each of them to hear about God’s mercy and love.”
“No problem,” said Pastor Cornett. “That’s the approach I use with every sermon I preach at the church where I serve as the pastor. And my associate minister, Pastor Charlie, looks at ministry the same way that I do. He realizes the importance of everyone having an opportunity to hear about how much Jesus loves them.”
Pastor Cornett told Pastor Carl that Pastor Charlie believed adults should be ministered to in a way that even children can understand. “Pastor Charlie uses puppets, kids songs and other tools from which both children and adults can benefit,” Pastor Cornett said.
“The only problem with me filling in for you is that Pastor Charlie’s wife, Sister Charlotte, has to work. You see, Sister Charlotte plays the piano for Pastor Charlie when he conducts the services. She works as a flight attendant for Brand New Airlines of the Christian faith.
“Pastor Charlie has a tendency to become really excited when he is ministering, and Sister Charlotte helps calm him down. With Sister Charlotte up-in-the-air in her role as a flight attendant, when Pastor Charlie’s excitement begins to rise, no one will be there to bring him back down to earth!”
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