Mikayla Powell

The Nioghling Killing Fail...or....Succed

   The hit came faster than i had expected. I thought that the Nioghtling was on the ground slowly coming to its death... i was wrong. while trying to catch my breath he hadnt only gotten up and tried taking out my jaw, the nightling had also managed to pick up his vodo magic and sword (for some reason they like to go by the old traditions). Me being fair about things took out the half silver half bronze sword from its nicely hand made black leather holster. Holding it up to my face ready for what ever was about to come. I felt a sharp pain in the back of my skull. And a....voice?
Let him kill you. It will benifet the both of are sides in the end...you know it will Evan.
"No it won't. get out of my head. You no longer control me anymore"
   The nioghtling and I circled like the wrestlers in a ring or two sumo wrestlers. each holding are weapon one-handed and out in front of are faces. the only difference was the nioghtling had magic which could possibly turn me inside out (I can only imagine of how gross that could be).

"Drop you ssssword. You wil sssshurely die ifff you procced wittth what you are planning," said the nightling in his hissing voice. he muct of been a half breed. The snake clan known as Slits must have gotten a little too close to a nightling.
"No. You will die. I will be the one who will cut off your head and personaly deliver it to your loved ones burning on a stick planted in front of there house"

   The nioghtling grimmaced as he imagined the picture of his head there burning on a wooden stake. He longed forward with a yell. I dodged it with little or not effort at all. Taking the only thing that can kill a killing spree monster such as this. He turned to me, eyes black, jaw enlarged like a werewolves. his canines more similar to a vampires, but larger. His ears had pointed like an elfs and his skin had darken to a dark sea green. He straightned up and growled. Then hissed. His sword dropped to the ground and his whole body transformed into a snkaes.....he was deffiently a half breed.

Baking away. and repostioning my sword to where it had been to begin with. . . back into its holster. (I need something else....a sword this small wont do anything). Running over to the other side of the room, i grabbed the gun that was underneath table just in case things got out of hand...and they had. The bolets were cotsumed made to kill anythng with a power level above eight. and i wasn't planning on taking out the detector cause. No duh the the thing was deffiently over eight. It was most likely reaching fifteen. Pointing the gun at the stupid snake things head< i pull the trigger. Excpecting for the the gun to shoot. It doesn't.(Great. Just what i needed)

Trying to think of a way to kill the snake thing. I take out the sword agian, becuase standing around thinking in front of a wolf/vampire/elf/vodo master/snake/creepy black eye thing. Isn't soo smart. Walking up to him i slash down, thinking i had hit him a little. i was wronged. he had moved to fast and was now on the other side of me hissing.



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