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Planet Alpha

Alpha was the name of a small planet near the galaxy of earth. This planet was so small that the inhabitants could live unrecognised of other living beings in the universe. The capital of Alpha was Kryslor a beautiful town between the red desert of Merty and the blue fields of Esgabon. The red desert of Merty was a very large desert that consisted of red sand and red stones. In this desert there lived terrible creatures that looked like giant worms that lived under the sand and only came out when they smelled food. The blue fields of Esgabon were a landscape of meadows of blue grass with a few Krierly trees. Krierly trees were trees whose stems looked like a helix. In the centre of Kryslor there was a wood of Blinky trees. Blinky trees were coloured trees that gleamed at night. When the full moon shined these trees glitter golden between every petal. In the middle of the Blinky tree wood there was a big building. This building was the Central Stade Building an institute of space. Here in the biggest building of Kryslor worked all the scientists that looked into space. The building looked like a giant space ship and had a big museum in the ground-floor where people could look at all inventions and technologies. The rest of the town consisted of one-family houses with flat roofs where the inhabitants had a big garden. The inhabitants of Alpha were called Motaner. Motaner were sea living creatures that had learned to live on the land. They were very intelligent and could develop very high technology. One of the greatest scientists was Whisper a mussel with a silver shell. He had the job to look on the earth to find a way to communicate with the men. Since a long time he observed the earth and he learned that there were many languages. He found out that there was one language called English that was spoken in the most parts of the earth and he tried to learn this language. If he learned this language, he could tell the men of earth that they came in peace. An expedition to earth was planned and they wanted t! o commun icate with the men to exchange experiences and technical inventions. The Motaner knew that the men were very aggressive, dangerous and frightened. They knew that the men sometimes do things they regret later. If the Motaner came to earth they want to tell the inhabitants that they came in peace and so Whisper learned their language. One night Whisper ended his work and taught the language to the other scientists who wanted to do this expedition to earth. In a conference room all scientists met and told about the expedition and about the language. Whisper was one of the travellers but there were two other scientists and three astronauts. Intellige a blue whale and Carry a lobster were the other scientists. Carry was the headmaster of the institute and the leader of the expedition. He learned the new language very fast so that they could start the expedition in a few weeks.
Whisper and his wife a goldfish with glittering scales had breakfast when his snake phone rings. The Motaner used extremely long snakes who worked like the telephone on earth. Whisper went to the phone and said: “ Hallo? Here Whisper?” “ Here Intellige. Carry said it’s time. Meeting in one hour at the Central Stade Building for the last control. Be on time please. Till soon.” “ OK.” Whisper hang up the phone and ended his breakfast. Then he went out and glided so fast he could to the Central Stade Building. Whisper enjoyed the Blinky tree wood while he glided through it. When he arrived in the conference room, the controls began and three hours later he sat in the shuttle. Carry, Intellige and Whisper waited for the astronauts. When the astronauts came the countdown began. A voice told: “ Last control! Instruments?” The pilot said: “ All OK.” “ Machines?” “ All OK.” “ Course is OK. The countdown began at ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Ignition. Good luck on earth.” The voice disappeared and the shuttle started.


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