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Caboose knows his train job

Christian Locomotive was the leader of a train which included himself, Christian Boxcar and Christian Caboose.
Locomotive, who had a very outgoing personality, was very glad that Boxcar and Caboose had elected him to be the train’s illustrious leader, and he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity because he truly wanted to serve the community and the country.
“The view is great from this vantage point,” smiled Locomotive. “But the most important thing about being given this position is that I bring glory to God and serve others.
“You always wanted to be a leader, Locomotive, so when I asked for my two weeks vacation, I asked if I could switch places with you in exchange for a free tour of the country,” said Boxcar. “And I must say I have forgotten how beautiful the view was from this part of the train.
“The trees have a more normal look to them, the view of the rivers is much better, and I don’t make nearly as much noise as I did when I was Locomotive. And I can take advantage of this opportunity to renew my friendship with Caboose. We were best friends when we started working for the railroad about 20 years ago, but when I was the Number One Boxcar behind Locomotive I didn’t get to talk with him very much, because I was too close to the front of the train.”
“It sure is great catching up on all old times,” said Caboose. “I had forgotten about how much fun it was collaborating with you on writing songs about the railroad. I wrote the words, and you composed the music…We even competed with other trains around the nation and won first place in a songwriting contest…Yes, those were the good old days.”
Locomotive was curious about the aspect of being Locomotive that Boxcar missed the most. “I miss being a leader,” replied Boxcar. “You know, people looking up to me and respecting me, kids beaming with pride when I first came into view, feeling the surge of power when I was given more fuel.”
“I think you have the meaning of leadership all wrong,” said Locomotive. “Leadership isn’t about the feelings you get when people look at you, the self-esteem that you may experience, or the surge you experience from extra fuel.
“It’s about serving the people who are riding the train, making sure that they reach their destination comfortably and safely, and taking care of their needs while they are in our care. You agree, don’t you, Caboose?”
Caboose had taken a little catnap while Locomotive and Boxcar were talking, and he awoke just in time to hear Locomotive’s question. “You’re right, of course,” said Caboose. “But for me, it’s like vacation all the time, because some people say I’m just along for the ride!”
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