Kazeronnie Mak

The story of never have and already lost

The spider             = Zhu Er                

The nectar             = Gan Lu

The little grass       = Prince Zhi Cao         

The strong wind     = Princess Windy  



Once upon a time, a spider spun its web on the transom in a prosperous temple.

She was influenced by the Buddha-nature after a thousand years
of the burning incense and worship there.

Buddha came in one day and said to the spider,
" You have practiced for one thousand years already.
I have a question to ask you. What is the most treasure in the world ? "

The spider thought for awhile and replied,

" The most treasure is NEVER HAVE and ALREADY LOST ! "
Then, Buddha left.

He came back to the temple after another one thousand years.

He asked the spider the same question.
She gave Buddha the same answer.

The third one thousand years passed.
One day a strong wind blew a drop of nectar that clung onto the spider web.
The spider was stunned by the sparkle and transparency.

She gazed at it everyday.

The nectar was blown away by the strong wind a few days later.

The spider felt like losing something all in a sudden.
She was so lonesome and grief.

Buddha came back at that time, again he asked her,

" What is the most treasure in the world ? "

The spider replied with the same old answer.

Buddha decided to let her living as a real human being for once.

The spider was born in a functionary and wealthy family.

She was named Zhu-Er and was a pretty,
graceful young lady at her sixteen years of age.

The King gave a banquet to a new Zhuang Yuan, his name was Gan-Lu.
( the one who passed the imperial examination with the highest rank )

He amazed everyone by his talents of composing the poems and essays at the event.

Zhu-Er believed that Buddha had offered her a perfect match.

So, when she had a chance to talk with Gan-Lu. She asked him,

" Do you still remember the spider in the temple of sixteen years ago? " 
But, he had no idea.

The King made an edict marriage for Princess Windy and Gan-Lu before long.

Zhu-Er broke her heart completely. Losing her appetite at all, she was dying soon.

Prince Zhi-Cao rushed to her deathbed.

He said to her very sadly, " If you die, I don't want to live either ! "

Buddha appeared at that time and said to Zhu-Er,   

" Do you know who brings Gan-Lu here ?
The strong wind brings him here; she takes him away at last.
To you - - - he is just an interlude in your life.

Prince Zhi-Cao was the little grass at the front door of the temple.

He had gazed and adored you for three thousand years already.

But, you have never ever taken one look at him.

I ask you again, what is the most treasure in the world ? "



The spider comprehended eventually.




She said, " It is not about the NEVER HAVE and ALREADY LOST !



The true treasure is what I have at this moment, this time, this life !!! "





- WU - E - MI - TUO - FU


There are two regrets in life :
You get what you don’t want. Or you don’t get what you want.

If you can meet the one you love,
please treasure and never let her/him go at this moment, this time, this life !!!






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