Meike Schrut

1. Version of the fairy tale "bird Aori"

Behind the mountains which reach round the fairyland lies the country of the sad songs. The songs which also flow out of breaking hearts, grave songs. They make so lonely as it is only possible. The country lost his real name before primeval times. Nobody could pronounce him, one was also afraid of the magic of the uncanny signs which surrounded the real name. So long the fairyland inhabitants could think, one said only "country of the melancholy". Rumpelstiltskin, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and other beings avoid this country. Only who gets on a ship in one of the countless storms, it can happen to that that he hears the miraculous small bell. In the gate of the sad country the little bell sounds, thus small that it can hide an elegant woman in the hand, but so loud that one hears it far away over the sea. Almost incessantly the bell jingles, whenever a person cries, then this happens.
Aori, the speaking and singing bird is here at home. Every day he visits people and fairy tale beings. They do not see him, because they are occupied with themselves too much. Aori, the fairyland inhabitants know this, helps them. He gives the necessary strength to her hearts, his nice melodies swing in the thought of the people very quietly. Aori is very tender and can also change. He changes time as a young man, sometimes as a young woman around, has a look during few hours which were released to him by the ruler of the fairyland at the cheerful and nicer side of the country. He laughs with the mythical figures, can dance with them. If this acts, although to himself often almost the heart breaks, because his only job is to comfort people. He is not allowed to do something else. His big sympathy is also reflected in his tears which sometimes come out. If it is a human being, they run light blue in his clothes down, he is a bird, they make his plumage difficult and dirty.
These are many grey days in which Aori looks in the windows of fairy tale being and people in. He smiles at the lovers, teases the sleeping children. He shakes the head about that which cannot recognise unhappy love and also do not free themselves from unblessed relations. He regrets the relentless who want to have right which they are not loved by her woman of dreams, the man of dreams. He cannot prevent that they waste her life.
He spreads his invisible wings around that which freeze in the heart if they are with those together which they could love once or were loved by those them once. He awards them inaudibly courage which penetrates only seldom into her consciousness. Since many human children do not believe any more so much in the power of own thoughts or even the fairy tales which one himself can write to improve in appearance of the life. Aori, the omnipresent bird from the fairyland, will hard have it in this complicated time. In a time in which some people worry only about themselves...

(12/13/1992 written in a very bad phase for me)



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