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"Hamlet" a project of me?

Of course the piece of "Hamlet" was just no book, no project of me. I sealed only all around, in thoughts with the actors who gave to Hamlet in many years of figure, also Ralph Fiennes.

Why I wrote to the special place, I would deal with the idea: "How would the actor Ralph Fiennes react if one offered to him a screenplay which could be his private life in case of exact consideration?"

Not, around with those "Oh?" to harvest or a merciful, me pitying smile. No because I just want to give currently no book to the wide public, would still like to be better. And there at least I am similar with a man who inspired me from the last year - thus from August - but so properly. Though I am a fan, but what uses the fan existence if one does not become creative. And ridiculously it should not sound.

There is not this screenplay just. First: English screenplays give so much more trouble than the German screenplays (one must follow too much!). 2.: I estimate Ralph Fiennes in such a way that he would decline, give like he for me over here comes. 3. He would not be able to hold it in the hands because it would be blockable not directly 4.: as fantastic the idea is then really 5.: yes, he would find maybe even the idea good to be able to read just differently his own life in a screenplay, how in a miraculous fairy tale for adults 6.: and because he rejects dull and dull figures, there he would seem anything but sweet, rather how in the "fight of the titans" where he had to stand as a Hades so dismal there. A mysterious figure which one cannot estimate! With the God Hades it goes, with the actor Fienne not and possibly that it is worth for everybody which carry the surname Fiennes...

However, back "to Hamlet": only the poem lines still prove no book, no project. Only the sum of all poems or stories would just put out a right book. Would I not have got in touch during former years already with publishing companies, I would have jumped with joy to the cover, but why should the author become then always like component of a publishing company where he would be bound? From gratitude or so one does not do the strangest things, I any more. And: everything has his price! Whether now any publishing company or any society with the price goes down, can still be, he is too high! But every writer may decide this alone, those which have one more job than the writing those can maybe accept service from publishing companies (and the service provider there are many! It must be not at all bad!) and sometime her book see standing with a book fair, but: is it also accepted and bought? Well texts must already be, even very well. And I am not sure whether it means always are. Many texts are only snapshots... A lot of fun to reader and authors!

"The lines which are worth to me" what has a background: a society which deals with literature offered to me to put my book before, if.... Yes, if what? I leave mine to all texts to those, money pays for all possible services. They are necessary of course, then around my book packs nicely to transmit to press and public. Certainly: a great idea if I had enough texts. But: even if! Do these so feel well all that one could "expect" them of a reader? Nevertheless, there I rather fail a step lower. Means in my case that I have considered what. I print out sides full text, let with the help of bind and then gives books to friends. To the person about which I know who they are that they would read. And: maybe I discipline myself then, finally, more, makes sales where they get or does not write too long sentences. The long sentences about which I know not sometimes, whether the English sense (or in French?) exactly the same one is like the German sense.

Of course I thank all English or other readers who read with pleasure in English or translate even, around my texts read and how I hope to be able to understand. And I will be also glad furthermore if I read figures like 900 readers etc... My saying was sometimes: "And if only one reader what of me has read, it quite feels well." These became more than one, this is quite miraculous for me. Currently I find time to print out well-chosen texts and then I transmit them to let bind them to the first book. Whether I keep this then for myself, want to consider in the cupboard over and over again or like a friend to make available to a friend to the reading, I think, I will do 2., makes more sense. I have also considered: if I present what to those, ordinarily I would have to ask before: "What want you to read then, fairy tale or imagination or.?" The reader is also a customer to be taken seriously like it the author should also be for a publishing company. I keep the desire in the writing in the kind that I give a special pleasure to myself and very close people. Not only to see how they react, also to say myself: "I may not if services are so expensive." Texts are a product, however, I as an author decides to whom I turn and when I make it. Fairy tales? Why once more a fairy tale do not have printed out before itself, the world is so poor in new fairy tales, or? Yes, may also be that many texts rest with other writers in the push fields because they do not know, what then...



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