Greg Miller

Make use of your trunk before buying a suitcase

Macie, an elephant who lived in the largest city on a planet where all the residents were pachyderms, was planning a summer vacation.

Macie and  her best friend, Maggie, went to numerous yard sales each week, so Macie decided to look for a new set of luggage in which to pack her vacation supplies: Sunscreen designed especially for tough skin, large bags of peanuts and a new pair of elephant boots. The boots were necessary because she needed to protect her feet from the hard, sharp rocks that covered the ground.

The month of May 2010 had almost finished its predestined trail through time, and Macie still needed her new luggage. Macie and Maggie arose early Saturday morning and headed for the yard sale sponsored by The Pachyderm Community Organization of the Planet. Since they were neighbors, Maggie offered to prepare breakfast so they would have plenty of energy for shopping.

As their destination came into view, Maggie observed that a couple of lady elephants were selling roasted peanuts. “Let’s get several large orders of these delicious peanuts,” said Maggie. “It will be my treat, and it will help the organization raise a little more money for its various projects.”

“I know we ate breakfast at Maggie’s Kitchen before we came here, but I’m always up for a generous helping of roasted peanuts, especially if they come from this great organization,” Macie said.

Macie and Maggie entered the building, purchased their peanuts, made themselves comfortable on the gigantic floor and began consuming their salty treats. The elephants ate so many peanuts that they closed their eyes, and soon they were fast asleep. About 15 minute later, Macie and Maggie awoke and, refreshed by their short nap, began shopping.

A large box labeled “Mystery Collectibles” caught Macie’s eye. “Our friend Mollie will enjoy putting her ‘Mystery Collectibles’ in this box,” she said.

“I don’t know if all of Mollies’ collectibles will fit in this box,” observed Maggie. “She has such a huge collection of collectibles.”

“I have a great idea!,” exclaimed Maggie. “Instead of buying this box for Mollie, why not buy it for yourself? You could use it for a suitcase when we go on vacation.”

“I don’t really think that’s such a good idea,” responded Macie. “I want to do something nice for Mollie. Besides, this box won’t make a very good suitcase.”

“Even for an elephant, you are thick-skinned,” said Maggie.

“I’m no more of a thick-skinned pachyderm than you are,” replied Macie. “For one thing, I feel good after I do something nice for another elephant. For another thing, I’ve decided I don’t need to buy a suitcase for vacation. I think the trunk I already have will hold everything I’ll need to take with me!”

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