Meike Schrut

The confusing (end)


RF signalled to his partner that he wants to withdraw into his room to think only for a small while around there after. She nodded only.

There he sat full doubt and as in thoughts he glided with a hand over the wall surface beside a mirror. How he was surprised when the following sentences appeared there in luminous letter: “... shook the head. He did not like the kind at all in which Maika expressed itself on the princess. They were in a lake which lay under the unreal world of the unwritten stories. Far and wide they saw no princess. Maybe she had got in one of those whirlpools which also showed connecting ways between both worlds. They did not feel hunger and thirst. Maika also gave itself no troubles. But then she scrutinised her companion sorrowfully. He was owned by the idea that there had to be one more life for them. She could understand only hard what went forward in him.

„We have to go to Ines, the girl in the castle. Yesterday she has asked us for help.“ „You know that we may not stand by her with the search for the secret of the everlasting youth.“ Sending a reminder Gijom shook in her shoulders. „If we return to our spaceship. We would have had to be long time ago in the camp.“ Maika did not answer. The spaceship was not to be used for other trips yet and in the camp they would bump certainly only into desperate companions. She did not feel like living in the rests of the ship or being founded even in the wilderness huts. The life in the false world fascinated them in strange way and now she also had the feeling that one observed them.

Ines was the daughter of a magician, and, moreover, still perfidiously and anyhow nastily.“ Further did not read RF, the sentences seemed famously to him, but every now and then appeared to him as if he read tips how they could further behave. Exactly the story had added somebody in the screenplay as well as, besides, Michael played a weight-bearing role: Maika should play the Gijom and Madleine? But because the action was poor, the history was crossed out, weakly though, however, at least.....


Had the one who called himself Michael now, but neither one man nor a soul-being was truly want to play in such a film? A little confused? Not his life, only as a fantasy story? RF could not know that Michael was staying already in that other world in which stories to life awoke, that he himself would always be this callous. Michael knew that he would certainly never be a real man, no matter how long it existed in that unreal world to himself. But he still seemed to be better than to never have loved more the woman who made up his life: Madeleine ....


And so ends this story about creatures that do not live right, you can die but not right. I have devoted all the people who feel that no matter what they need in this life, they will not find it possible. But each person should consider whether the price for the fulfillment of all desires is worth any sacrifice ...



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