Greg Miller

A different kind of Father´s Day

Maureen and Mitch celebrated Father’s Day several weeks early.

“I’m sorry I must work on Father’s Day, because I know you and the kids would like to spend the afternoon with me,” said Mitch. “But since my job as a fireman requires me to work this Father’s Day, we’ll celebrate the holiday a couple of weeks early.”

“That’s a wonderful idea, Dear,” said Maureen. “Would you like to eat lunch at your favorite restaurant?”

“Sure,” said Mitch. “But after we get back home, I’d like to change the routine a little. Instead of watching a baseball game like I usually do, I’d like for us to spend some quality time with the Lord.”

“What kind of quality time, Dad?,” asked Monty, the couple’s son.

“Yeah, Dad, what kind of quality time?,” asked Monique, Monty’s sister, whose favorite pastime was teasing her older brother.

“The first thing I’d like for us to do is spend some time praying to the Sovereign Lord,” said Mitchell. “We’ll thank Him for His provision and ask Him for His guidance.”

“I think we should share our testimonies about how the Lord has worked in our lives,” said Monique.

“I can preach a short sermon,” said Monty, who at the tender age of 14, said he felt the Lord was calling him to attend Bible college and become a minister.

“I’ll receive an offering,” said Mitch. “We can send the money to help missionaries build a church in another country.”

“This will be a different kind of Father’s Day celebration,” said Maureen. “We should have done it years ago. I believe it will draw our family closer together and strengthen our relationship with our heavenly father.”

Mitch asked Monty if he thought the afternoon together would strengthen  his relationship with his sister. “I don’t think it will hurt,” Monty replied. “But we already have a great relationship. She just teases me too much.”

Mitch asked his son and daughter to rate his job as a dad. “You’re a great father,” said Monique. You are a wonderful husband to mom, too.”

“I agree with Monique,” said Monty. “Plus, you’re always taking us to church and teaching us about Jesus and how He shed His blood on the Cross and died for our sins.”

“I’m glad you came up with the idea for this special Father’s Day celebration,” said Monique. “I think it will help all of us to appreciate each other more.”

“I hope it will help all of us appreciate our heavenly father more, too,” said Mitch. “After all, when it comes to being a father, the Sovereign Lord has more experience than all the dads in the world put together!”

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