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„Different information

Remark: as well as one feels, it goes for me at the moment, one writes or one just does not write. In the broken dreams I cannot write at the moment so further as had. In small snapshots I try to bring the history to the end, gently, in order then what new to try.

There should not be those rotary admissions how one wished them. In the imagination world even cameras made themselves independent, they took up what wanted an unknown power. And not only before the wall of fog, but also behind it. The strange cameras changed from the size, one took them right, the voices themselves were nowhere stored, but this knew nothing of the beings. Beings: yes, now, but they knew themselves that they were no people. The skin of the beings changed: she looked more grey than pink ones, the thoughts got tangled more and more, particularly those of Michael. He had the feeling, somebody would be in his head which slipped constantly other information him.

Michael had felt as quasi Ralph Fiennes, which he now, nevertheless, right or just only in this imagination world, up to now very well. All thoughts turned only on it: „What did he have to do here where he would have neither a right past nor a right future?!“ He thought alone, he spoke in a low voice with himself and found himself over and over again before the wall of fog. His talks sounded in possibly thus (he answered the questions which he put to himself though himself which he assigned, however, to another being):

Michael: „Can it be that, nevertheless, we are not immortal here?“

The other in him: „It can be very well that this kind of immortality is over rather today than tomorrow, then you disappear everybody in Nothing, where to her belonged.“

Michael: “Why somebody hates us so much that he to us an identity not even leaves.“

The other in him: „There is no certain person, but you have claimed to feel as people, this was never entitled to You.“

Michael: „Yes, we felt as people, but where from should we know that we are not allowed that?“

There was no answer in him and thus he walked nervously on the island up and down, forgot that he would have to eat and drink. Anyhow was also not absent him. To have taken after 20 hours without something to himself, he felt how his skin burst at different places, transparent liquid came out, ran incessantly and sometime the male being felt nothing at all more, but his soul disappeared in another world.

Though Michael's renewed disappearance woke some excitement, one also searched him, but RF suddenly discovered on the ground small slips of paper with different sentences when he believed to have found all slips of paper, he composed them and it the following sense arose: „Now Michael has come in that world from which there can be a return in the right life only after 20 years.“

RF did not believe in the thing with the rebirth up to now so much, but he informed of the sense of the sentence the other which knew now nothing at all more. They did not know any more how it should go on without Michael who had to recognise only shortly before that it was no human being. Why and how he had died now, although this should have been impossible, nevertheless, this could make sense nobody.

Then Madleine found the other slips of paper which proved folded up, this sense: „If you want where Michael is, tries to leave the same ones, you will not suffer, but forget to be as you have been before.“ Madleine felt drawn very well to Michael, RF felt this, but they wanted to be furthermore in such a way as if they were people, all the same how many information on strange ways would still come so. Generally: who distributed there these slips of paper?




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