Mikayla Powell

Sword fight


The movement of the sword was to fast for me to react. It swooshed by my face as if nothing was about to happen. My eyes were open wide in shock to the small cut that was underneath my right eye. Touching it slightly it started to bleed out fast then slowly. Ven smirked then clutched his sword tighter. Wiping the blood away I grab my sword out of its holster, and brung it up close to my face ready for his attacks. I was ready this time. Ven did the same, the tips of the blades barely touched. It was weird that you could feel the energy of the other sword trough your own. Swipe his blade slices at my face. Jumping backwards he only manages to cut my hair.

Tilting my blade to the side I charge coming in low then swooping up high fast. He dodges by turning around to the side. He raises his his sword above his waist and tries cutting side ways. He hits my back.

Getting up I feel the pain and the warm blood bled out along my back. Moving backwards, clenching my sword I fall to my knees.

What a waste of a sword fight,” Ven says walking up to me using his sword as a cane.

Kneeling down to my level he lifts up my head turning it to the left and right seeing if I was able to still fight presumably.

You're weak, and have horrible sword mans skills”

I get up off the ground, spitting on the ground I clench my sword and my empty hand, mad. As he walked away back turned I decided to stalk him. Picking up the blade from the ground I grabbed my other sword from holster. Clinking them together and saying “Hunyo” the silver blades turned into blue fire. Ven stopped and I stopped.

Dice you're very persistent aren't you?”

Depends what you mean by that,” I answered slowly walking up to him.

No matter how hurt you are . . . you will never give up the fight. You'll make sure you'll win, even though you know you're going to lose”

So what if I am persistent? It doesn't change anything. It just makes me a bother to everyone” Slicing my sword to where he was, I end up slicing air. How? I asked myself dumbfounded. How?

You're not as smart as I took you for,” Ven said next to my ear. Turning around there was no one. Turning around again I faced him eye to eye.

Now you know why it's so hard to defeat me,” He gave a smirk jump back and held his sword in a battle formation.

This isn't going to be easy but I will succeed” I went in for the attack. Are blades clashed making sparks fly.

We're just going to have to see won't we”


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