Meike Schrut

Who I am and why I may not be other.

Subtitle: The change

Remark: if the text should be ever filmed to the wrong written screenplay and the matching text into English language what would be hardly to be accepted, I fancied the situation thus:

Which have stayed behind (and Michael has just accepted the new name because he does not want to carry other any more) know exactly that they must search him, because only together they can put into action a project. Vinc anticipates at least where Michael stays and is also trained properly in this fantastic world by Sgrumies island world...

Everything only light. Michael sits in a sort of tower, because to this became the building when he paused hour by hour without continuing just in the "screenplay", he did not feel like playing exactly those scenes once again, because how often should this be then?

The tower has only one mistake: he changes constantly, also, finally, as a Vinc is with Michael, that crouches squatted in a corner, recites any text, Vinc means the text again to recognise: from "Hamlet"? He interrupts him gruff.

Dialogue between both men


Vinc: You have given to us an immense fright when you have disappeared, you are not able here
longer remain, the tower.....

Michael (laughs anyhow strangely): Whom does it interest whether and when I come back again to You?
Now, nevertheless, I am Nobody, had to do even another name
accept, with it I not... But why the tower nobody is more right

Vinc: Because in this strange false world nothing has really continuance, we cannot be glad, if we crazily
become. Come now, to me slowly gets cold, also I do not like this at all, that one you from
of the security of the other name has torn out.

Michael (weighs the head to and fro, seems to perceive Vinc only like, besides): Everything changes
and we will never again be the same people, we are also immortal, not

Vinc: (quickly leaves to him, pulls him of the ground which suddenly starts to sway which breaks ground and both men sink into the water, buildings disappeared and they find themselves all at once before the island: before the beach in the glistening light.) you should stop hanging after the old thought, yes, you will never again be the old person.

Vinc leads Michael also furthermore, because at all does not make the impression, as if he found the life round himself interesting. Why the false world changed constantly, they all only still had to think about it. How it would be with the idea: the more these beings change internally, recognise that they must form her future quite differently than in the wrong written screenplay given, ever more this world from many different pictures defends itself?

Remark: the English one and the German text are not always complementary. For the readers who compare between in German and in English: yes, has changed now and again and may be that the English became a little more exciting. Sometime it gives no more pleasure to publish text in in German if interest is thin, or: I had expected too much. The texts are to be tried out more attempts to which direction the action could go, am not logical there yet. I will not write Harry Potter anew or different. (from wrong Ralph became now Michael, because because there is real Ralph in the right world, I fix as an author sometimes to the security: there should not be the 2nd Ralph who just thinks and feels like the famous Briton, not even literarily. But he may just look. Because I like him personally from the appearance very well! About intrinsic values it is not to me certainly to to judge, does not condemn there also at all.)



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