Mikayla Powell

The Tatto Of Hell

The pain was greater then what I thought it was going to feel like before I got the charmed tatto down the middle of my back. The tiny almost microscpic needle jabbing on the outline that was sketched on, felt painfull. I winced  to the coloring in of a certain spot.  The tat was of a black thorned circle that had throned arrows that were going in all direction's. In the middle was an eye that was blue and green, the eye looked as though it belonged to a cat, coming on four sides of the eye were barley seeable lines that at the end had claws that pireced the skin of its victim and made them bled.
   Along the edge of the outer perimeter of the circle part in scrpit were all the sins one can commit. The ink that was used was silver dragon blood, Nymp blood and Newit's blood. The three bloods together can make the tatto become alive.  To be truthfull the tatto looks remarkable, but its affects to the pawn and the ones that do bad it's power can disinegrate their soul and/or their body. The tatto of hell is nothing but peer hell its self.


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