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   The attractive and intriguing Tereeshie. She brings sunshine and enlightenment with her wherever she appears. Her fragrance puzzled me. It has me thinking excessively. As soon as I suggested a distinct sweet scent, the sweet scent then changed to another familiar sweet scent.

   After my smelling sense locked in the familiar sweet scent. Then I'm faced with a situation, where the sweet scent smelled familiar, then unfamiliar, throughout the day. And this happened interchangeable, until I refused to think of the sweet scent.

   I'm Scheduled, to entertain a few of my peers today. My peers eventually arrived.I thought within my mind, that in entertaining my peers, it will cause me to forget about that interchangeable sweet scent, for the rest of the day. But, I was wrong. I was now in the position, where I was smelling many different colognes and perfumes. Which caused my smelling sense to have flashbacks, throughout the time that I was entertaining my peers.

   As I sat at a patio porch table, beside one of my peers, sister Leeli. Her radiating scent smelled like a glade gardenia candle. So, I stood up and went in the crowd of my male peers. As I was standing beside Jayden in paticular. His scent also gave my smellings sense a flashback. He smelled like a new version of the addidas cologne. How I knew. Because I own a bottle of the new version addidas cologne. Which, at this moment I can not name off hand. And for the very fact that I own many colognes and can not remember all their names.

   Approximately, seven minutes later, I walked away from the crowd of male peers. As I was walking with the intension of going inside my house. I thought of a thought, that caused me to have Independence Day fire craker exploding in my mind. It was my male peer Jayden. In reminiscing about that sweet scent, I smelled, earlier in the day. Jayden wasn't in my presence, when I first smelled that sweet scent. In arriving at that conclusion I hissed my teeth and continued to my house.

   While I was in my house, I decided to consume a glass or two filled with cold beverage, sit in my vibrating recliner lazy-boy chair and watch sports. As I sat in the chair I heard a few ladies conversating, on the verandah. The ladies was gossiping about their shopping experiences. colleagues and their relationships about whom ever they were involved with.

   The ladies conversations enticed my curiosity. I'm now rubber-necking in their conversations. Walking to the left and to the rightside of the living room to listen to their conversations keenly. I listened so hard, until the involuntary muscle in my ear began to move. I'm now calmed by this lady's familiar voice. The lady began to utter things that happened in my house, behind my closed doors. I realized that it is my fianc'ee, Tereeshie.

   I opened the front door and step on the verandah, in a proud manner, on the account of the things Tereeshie said. I looked at my fianc'ee and called her to privacy in the house. We stood in the living room discussing the things Tereeshie was gossiping about. Surprisingly, Tereeshie's girlfriend interrupted our conversation. I walked away and told Tereeshie we'll finish our conversation later.

   As I walked passed Tereeshie's girlfriend Nia. Her fragrance slapped my minds recognition. I saw my mind, went in fast motion down memory lane. I arrived at a destination sign that reminded me that Nia, visited my fianc'ee Tereeshie, earlier and it was then I smelled the sweet scent.

   How could I have forgotten, that sweet scent. It was Tereeshie, my created fragrance.



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