Richard DeMars

My Dreams of Camelot


One warm summer afternoon a young woman sat in a garden swing overlooking a cool blue lake. A young man sat on the grass nearby, looking up at her, watching as she slowly swung back and forth. Sitting in a rather unladylike position, her knees apart and the light breeze billowing under her skirt, lifting it up, he soon realized she was wearing nothing under it and her maidenhead flashed smooth and inviting. She asked if he would like to sit next to her on the swing, but he declined, saying he liked the view from where he was. He liked to watch her swing, for she was more lovely than anything he had ever seen. Finally, she stopped for a moment, looked down at him, and asked if he knew the "true" story of Camelot.

"Long ago and far away," she began, "there was a place called Camelot. "It was a time of maidens fair and knights brave, a time of chivalry and honor. In Camelot women were held in high esteem. Their wise counsel and intuition was sought by all levels of the state. It was thought that their humanizing influence was essential for the survival of their society in an otherwise barbaric world.

"It was the custom in those days that if a lady or a maiden raised her skirt in front of a knight, exposing her maidenhead, to show his respect for her he would kneel before her and kiss it, for it was known as a temple of passion and life. If she lowered her skirt over him he would linger there and pleasure her until such time that she was satisfied. This custom was followed by all, whether young or old, and many a knight lost his codpiece to a mischievous maiden while performing this chivalrous act. It was also known that a maiden's breasts could have a calming effect on violent and aggressive men. If aggressive behavior was observed it was a maiden's duty to offer her breasts to him and his duty to suckle them until such time that he became calm and loving, for violence and aggression were not tolerated in Camelot.

"It was also the goal of every young woman to become a milkmaid, for they were much in demand both to nurse the children and to suckle the men, who seemed to need a sweet maiden's milk, even as fathers and lovers. The demand was so great that it was common for women to continue producing milk and nursing well past their child-bearing years, into their 60's and 70's. It was the custom of these matrons of feminine beauty and sensuality, whose milk-filled breasts hung pendulous and heavy, to wear them outside of their dresses for all the world to see and admire. It was said that they were especially sought after by older men, for their milk was especially sweet to them, and in the days before Viagra, it had a magical sexual affect on them.

"It was a time and place of love and life that sadly now we can only dream of."

And with that, the young lady leaned over, kissed the young man and asked if he would like to show his respect for her as in the days of Camelot. She lifted her skirt and he knelt before her and kissed the sweet feminine lips of her maidenhead. She placed her hands behind his head and held him there while he pleasured her. It was his first lesson in chivalry and a first step toward knighthood.


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