Rob Hanna

My Most Wonderful Day

Truck after truck pull into the grounds
to stop and claim their place, space all around.
Out on the prairies, they all have come,
each gathering and ready for many days of fun.
Like a splash of red in a sea of blue,
I have left the city and joined this crew.
On a five day trail ride, the cowboys and snuff,
the wagons, the horses, the people and stuff.
I noticed your beauty from across the way,
I realized in an instant, it was my most memorable day.

We met and talked for hour after hour
and found a connection that had such power.
The way we laughed, the stories we shared,
started a romance that few could compare.
Though a thousand miles separated our homes
the love still grew through emails and poems.
Until finally at last and three months have past,
I am flying to see you, my heart beating so fast.
I get to see you and hold you, 6 days I will stay,
I realized once again, it was my most memorable day.

Those days that we shared, the love grew more,
to see your home and your world, so much to explore.
Through hurricanes and loss of power we strived,
by smiles and hugs and laughing we thrived.
We talked for hours lasting well into the night,
shared story after story, it all seemed so right.
A day of fun as we drove to the beach,
with kiss and hugs, we were always in reach.
The time went by fast until we had to part ways,
even with leaving and sadness, it was my most memorable day.

The distance between us has been rather tough,
missing your smile, your touch, it can be pretty rough.
With a love that is strong, we continue our tale
supported through gifts, calls, visits and email.
When days come by that bring me to tears,
I realize of what can be and it quenches my fears.
A future with you and how wonderful that would be,
so many possibilities, its easy to see.
Someday when I am old, I can look back, smile and say,
many times over, with you in my life, it was my most memorable day.


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