Jens Marquard




she´s a dominatrix, she´s a tough girl,

this womanizer sticks to the end of his world,

she´s a monster, she´s a beast,

from solicitors to priests,

she´s a maneater who eats,

domination, overpowering,

determination, supervising,

commanding, that´s her thing,

no granting, that´s her thing,



She employs all her boys

as some toys. It brings her joy.

They have no choice. If they don´t listen, to her voice,

In the next time there´ll be noise,

she doesn´t avoid them to exploit,

That´s the reason why her boys

Must be ready to be annoyed,

and she enjoys,



She´s the control, Thus they stroll

Out in the cold, Thus she´s called

callous, so did he need

to be told this, There´s no santa clause,

She clarified him up, it´s obvious,

Thus she´s called by him the boss,

Thus she thinks the thing´s bold,

she also takes on a role

As a baby doll Just to call

him to unfold money, now he looks old,

shops she enters becomes sold out,

she stole his last hold

to play a show, he can´t allow

to show what he´s about,

she´s using him without doubt,


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