Meike Schrut

What would one see....?

In thoughts I see the film about your life
Already before me
Sadly, how are your roles mostly?
Was a child like so many other also
Without television?
With alert mind
Which knows how to use the hands
With toys from paper and other more.
Playfellows? You hardly had them
I count brothers and sisters only causes in addition.
Now without a lot of breaks and rest - how similar it is: your life?!
Who could know once,
The fact that playfellows one will see different one day
From you
If you played once only with dead material
If you outshine today right people
And speaks in such a way
As if you did not know it.
If one formed the film about you,
If one already also had to go on in the time:
The first love, the first pain
And So I want to be the first recognising „, I want to do this.“
If one found people
Where you could say:
„Yes, so did I look, this has been I once.“?
The more one doubts
All the more the time passes:
Nobody would dare to question you
The living legend which it have already become?



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