Meike Schrut


Before I meant to have to read " Hamlet "
If I also knew that sentence
To be, or not to be: that is the question
William Shakespeare
If one writes tragedies
Want one, nevertheless, mostly also, that everybody them in the country
And beyond the country
Does know?
Prince of Denmark
Amlethus, to the son of the Horwendillus if one takes the origin?
Also this name struck me
And both did not speak certainly at all in English
Like HER, YOU Hamlet often and with pleasure have played.
One can do this as a man only during rather young years
YOU did it both - only two important names occur to me there
One must not call and may.
This name occurred to me to Sarah Bernhardt - how by a miracle
Because I found:
„How can it be that only men play man's roles?!“
1899 - long before YOUR time... - she played Hamlet
Absolutely also wonderfully.
It may be astonishing and still does not surprise
The fact that one does not speak in the world of the men of it so constantly.
In 1899 there was of course still no worldwide net.
How it would have looked, if men and women alternately Hamlet
Did play and everybody it can see?
Hamlet, this prince, he had to complain a lot
And did he not hold carefully the dead person's skull oh in his hand?
Or did this picture arise from my imagination?
I do not think rather.
Why I should repeat here all sadnesses
They happen in film and on the stage
Equally very expressive in many variations?
The tragedy is still played certainly also in distant future
if I lengthens am dead and earth covers me....
All the same who may play him also always.
And though again I bear your name on the lips
Do not pronounce him
And this, although he is full of sound.
Should lines not disappear one day completely
If this must already be, because I never saw you
Whether older or at that time still very young.
With your play of Hamlet would have itself - I know it too well -
The soul to itself weeping only in my breast
Certainly it would have done me away, far from all put one
Grief and pain also
Nevertheless, I would have hardly endured longing and hope
In the end
If I had hated somebody, only not you and me.


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