Meike Schrut


Spider (1990) - written from Patrick McGrath
Spider (2002) played from Ralph Fiennes: Dennis ("Spider") Cleg

One cannot exactly describe
What he is everything
Helplessly, despairs and shyly on top of that
Wants one to call language what gives he from itself?
If the long hands already a little bit yellow
From the smoking only
and the clothes too warmly
- Who carries 4 shirts about one another then?!
And he plays this...?
I had my doubts
Said: „No! Neither women's dream
Still superhero whom you would never like to be.“
It is not he here also.
Spider comes up apparently guilelessly to us
Room looks
As if there was for him no more morning.
Confused senses
Also recollections fully besides are.
One also sees it.
As if in his brain still parts are hidden
What he once
As a small boy has acted?
He curves hard
And does not know any more
The fact that he took himself the mother?
If one goes then and looks at it
The gasworks to which one cannot trust at all?
Helplessly he stands there
And if one more does not know from.
All this is not witty
And also hardly the one-man show.
Since show should be entertaining, or?
One can hardly expect here: Gunfight and many dead people.
He has already turned away from the world
In wrong thinking every day.
And him?
One recognises him bit by bit:
Entwine yourselves and slender the build
Is he not too thin?
Seems to me, he has also exaggerated this time
Nevertheless, does he injure himself often too with pleasure?!
Fascination of pain, the desperation
One can hard avoid - he plays.
One can love him, also hate
For the work which he does
If one reads "Spider"
I am certain
In spirit he exists.
(only not as a quite real man, absolutely clearly in the head is.)
How often wants one to see him so?
I do not know it.






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