Youssef Naguib

The Alien Invasion

I would never forget that day…                             

I was in the

Desert trying to find new discoveries!  Suddenly, “Boom”!    
A big rock fell from the sky; it had a blue crystal in the middle of it. I took it to my lab to study it. I found out that it was from a volcano that erupted on Mars two weeks ago. My friend who had studied in
Antarctica found a rock that was very similar to the one I found but smaller. My friend in
Greenland found one too!
My friends and I found more rocks in
Sudan, the North Pole and

Jamaica. We found so many that we just had to find out what was going on!

We got into our rocket and flew to Mars. Sure enough there was a Volcano erupting! So we got in my Space Robot Rover 2000   and we rode into a cave and went inside and found a secret passage way. Suddenly, the door sounded an alarm behind us so loud that it caused an earthquake! We fell in purple goo! The bad thing was the Rover was now damaged. The good thing was at least we were safe.                                                                 

We found some stairs going up, leading to a mysterious room. We were noticed by tiny green things making electrical remote controls. One of them said “All Earth pigs will die”. We knew what we had to do. We got my cyber gun and froze them! Then we put all of them in the same cage and took them back to the rocket. we took the stairs that led back to where we started.

After the confusion was over, we asked them what they were doing. They said a huge meteorite was heading to Earth. It would hit earth in 30 minutes! We flew our rocket into outer space. We saw the meteorite, it was going so fast! We shot it with cannons until we couldn’t see it. “That was so close” I said after we finished shooting it. We couldn’t believe it! We found an amazing discovery not in the

Desert, but in space!

So we asked why volcanos were erupting. They said the Volcano Olympus Mons sent a giant rock into space and it was headed for earth. They were building a remote control for the robot they built, so it could stop the meteorite. We asked them why they were making the volcanoes erupt. They said they wanted all the lava out so the water they got from earth wouldn’t turn into rocks.                                                         
We thanked them for their kindness in trying to stop the meteorite. We returned back to Earth, what a discovery! 
Do you think Aliens are real???? Maybe “YES” or  maybe “NOT”.
Nobody knows for sure!!!!  



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