Joseph Trance

Choice of Heads II


I searched at the shelves as drawf man looked at me. 

"You can come closer and move them if you want...there are more behind the ones you see."

I moved to the shelves and started to rearrange some of the heads, like I was looking at canned goods in a supermarket.

"What's this one?"  I asked as I found a head marked, "My Grandma."

"Ohhhh..."  That's your grandma's head.  His eyes seemed to sparkle when he said it.

"I don't understand,"  I said.

"If you put that one become your grandma."

"What?   How does that happen.?"

He shrugged his shoulders and his eyebrows furrowed.   "Beats me,"  he said.  But he was smiling like a kid that had a secret.

"My grandma..."  I said.   Did I really want to become her?  What the heck would that be like?

I had many found memories of her...she had been a real character.

"O.k."  I said finally.  "I'll try this one."

"Excellent choice!   Excellent."  Dwarf man said.  I give  some free sample time...just to make sure it's what you want."  Wow!  I wasn't expecting that.  I smiled and breathed in the old smells of wood.   Mmmmm...nice.

"I'll get you a chair, you can sit and relax and I'll bring out 'Your Grandma,' and you can try her on. "

Dude...what a trip.   Freaky....

"Thanks,"  I said.  This was getting more unreal and I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  But I had a feeling of kid excitement... Christmas morning about to open presents excitement....magical.  Drawf man was smiling..I was getting giddy...mmmm..just like when I was a kid.

"Be right back, "  he said.  He disappeared behind the curtain behind the counter.  I looked at "Grand Ma's Head,"  and wondered what was this going to be like.

"Hey, Grandma,"  I said.  "This should...interesting..."

(To be continued....)


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