Joseph Trance

Choice of Heads

So there I am walking in downtown NY around Washington Square Park, zig-zagging through some of the side streets when I see the little sign that says, "Choice of Heads Shop."  I enter in and as I push the glass door open a little bell rings.  A bell, not no buzzer or a chime..but a one of those tinkle things; old fashion and silver.

I look around and the place smells of old.  Not bad old; funky and dirty laundry like, but good old..wood, warm and welcoming.  I scan the shelves and on them are the kind you would see in a sewing shop and on each of them is a head with a different label.

As I'm reading the Head Labels, a little guy, about 5 feet comes through a curtain that is behind the cashier counter that has a real old fashione cash register on it.  The guy who looks about 70, is wearing overalls, and suspenders.  He has grey hair, unamnaged.  His blue eyes seem to sparkle behind these big horned rimmed spectacles; not glasses...spectacles.  He reminds me of an old man from one of those fairy tales.

"Hello, hello.." he says.  He is delighted to see me, as though we are long lost friends.   His smile is wide and genuine and despite his age, he has the best set of pearly whites I've seen in a while.

He comes around the counter, extends a hand that is skinny and mapped with blues veins that show through old skin.

"Welcome to the Heads Shop,"  he says as he extends his hand.

I can't help but smile.  The guy is a character...I like him.  I haven't seen his like in a while.

I take his hand and shake it.  His grip is suprisingly strong.

"So...what kind of head were you looking for?"

"Excuse me," I say.

"Head.  What kind?"  He stands there and clasps his hands like a delighted child waiting for me to answer.

"Uh...what kind you got?"  I ask.

"All kinds..all kinds."   He points to the shelves. " Good ones, bad ones.  Smart ones, sad ones."

"Hmmm.."  I scan the shelves reading the labels..."Educated."  "Poetic."  "Analytical." "Dreamy."

"Choose carefully,"  dwarf guy says.  "Whatever head you choose, you  become."

In my head I hear a "Da..dum!"  Like one of those noises you may hear in a 1940's mystery movie.

"Hmmm..."  I say considering carefully.  "Which one?  Which head will I choose...?"

(to be continued)



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