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The Dream



Lisa A. Scenna

Nicki was filing through the rack of short skirts trying to find a black suede skirt.  She felt someone brush up against her from behind.  She turned around, but no one was there.  She shrugged her shoulders and moved to the other side of the rack.  She smiled as picked up the skirt with a thick black belt.  Again she turned around when she felt someone brush against her.  She looked around and under the rack.  She looked to the back of the store, but only saw a few customers at the register. 

            “That’s weird,” she thought.

            Nicki walked to the back of the store and reached for her credit card.  A woman stepped in front of her from an intersecting aisle and stopped.  Nicki jumped back.  The woman was dressed in black from head to toe. 

“Excuse me,” Nicki exclaimed.  The woman did not turn around.  “May I get by?”

“Why are you following me?” 

Nicki thought she heard a faint voice.

“Mam, are you talking to me?” Nicki asked.

The woman slowly turned around.  She was a few inches taller than Nicki’s 5’8” stature.  She wore a long black hood over her face.  She pulled it slightly back and Nicki could only see the woman’s coal black eyes glaring at her.  Nicki gasped. 

“Why are you following me?” The woman said in cold sneering voice.   

“I’m not.”  Nicki sheepishly said as she gave the woman a puzzled look.  The coal black eyes grew wider.  Nicki stepped back.  She could feel a cold chill going through her as if icicles were crystallizing down her spine.  The woman pushed Nicki aside and walked hurriedly out of the store.  Nicki turned her head and watched the woman leave.  “What was that all about?”  She walked to the counter and handed the skirt to the check out girl.  She could still feel the coldness through her so she tried to warm herself by briskly rubbing her arms. 

“Did you see that Arab woman?”  Nicki asked.

The clerk raised an eyebrow.  “An Arab woman in Le Chic; I don’t think so.” She ran the tag through the scanner.  “That’ll be $25 dollars.”

Nicki handed the clerk her credit card.  “She was dressed more like the grim reaper, but it’s not Halloween yet,” Nicki added.

“Thanks for shopping at Le Chic.”  Nicki picked up her bag and credit card and walked out the store.  Nicki looked down at her watch.  “Oh my,” she thought.   She ran to the escalator and down toward the restaurant at the other end of the mall.  Nicki was a waitress at an Italian restaurant called the Blue Grotto, which was located right outside of

Department store. It was a favorite spot for young business men, primarily because the waitresses were all gorgeous young girls.  Nicki fit the requirements without any waitressing experience.  She was tall, thin, and had long blonde curls.  She had a warm and inviting smile, but she was more naïve at nineteen than other girls her age.   Marco had to tell her that a short tight skirt would get her more tips. 

“Hey Marco, I am here.  I just got to get changed.  I took your advice.”  Nicki held up the little bag and smiled.  He looked up and nodded. 

“Good a girl,” he replied in his thick Sicilian accent.   Rocco nudged his brother to get back to taking the night’s liquor inventory.

Nicki went into the bathroom to change into her new skirt.  She already had her white blouse and black leggings on as part of the required uniform.  Black skirt, shorts, or pants were required as well.  The only thing optional was nylons or leggings. 

“Hi Suzie, look at my new skirt,”

“Very sexy, did you get that upstairs?”  Nicki proudly nodded.  Suzie was another blonde, but with a lot more curves.  “See you outside, Nicki.”

Nicki quickly changed in one of the stalls.  She opened the door as she shoved her jeans into the little bag.  

“Why are you following me?”  Nicki startled by the voice and looked up.  The woman in black was standing in front of the mirror.  Her coal black eyes stared at Nicki’s reflection. 

“I’m not,” Nicki said forcibly.  The woman bowed her head, turned, and ran out.  Nicki felt stunned for a second then decided to run after her.  She ran out the door and down the short corridor to the restaurant.  She looked both ways, but saw nothing. 

“Hey Nicki, how about a hand,” Becca asked disgustingly. 

“Did you see a woman in black run by?”

“No!”  Becca was carrying a large tray full of customer meals. 

“I am so sorry, Becca, let me give you a hand.” 

 Nicki took some of the dishes off of the heavy tray and followed Becca to a table


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