Tommy Sarsano

the haunted hill

 hoot,hoot, An owel flew throu the sky soring just over the trees. Crack a rifel went off, sounding out of place in the peacfullness of the forest. "You missed um" a man said in a gruff voice. "You stinck, my grandmothers a better shot than you." "O shut u will you." a nother man saide in a softer almost kinde voice. Shean and Billy were best frends, and were on there anuale hunting trip for the tenth year in a row. Billy turned in for the night, while shean was going to have a smoke . He walked about 100 feet enjoying the cold brese and peacfullness of the wood.As he lit his cigeret he heared a noise off to his left , then his rite, al off a sudden the bushes rite in front of him moved. It was almost as if he was being surounded. The cigeret fell from his mouth and he ran. Somthing was chasing him and it was gaining. A scream broke the night, and awoke jimmy. "Shean? were are you?"billy yelled. He got up, streched, then set out after billy. When he came to the feld were shean lay he ran to him and nealed, "what happened are you ok?" billy exclamed. "Behinde you" shean yelled. A figer in all white floted out of the trees and picked up shean. It flicked out its nails and sliced his neck, it droped him to the ground and floted to billy, who had fallen backwerds in fear. He got to his feet and ran, the ghostly creatcher jumped onto his back, but floted rite trou him as it flicked out its nails agen and Billy stoped moving. It let out a crackeling laugh that was hered for miles away, scaring birds out of trees. Then it disapered. The next day the police arived because of some disterbenses and loud noises during the night, when they discovered the body. Some people say the woods are hanted on hikery hill, others say it was a murderer who had escaped from prison on that night. Then there are the ones who say its all just a legand, a tall tail, somthing to scare the visiting folks. But the fact is that when those people dare to go into the woods saying its just a legend, none of them have ever comback, and there screams can still be heared every night at midnight, but hay its just a legend......rite.    Do you dare to spend a night in the woods on hickery hill?               by sarsano, tommy 


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