Tommy Sarsano

the final battle

 It was pitch black, the only light came from the fire that crackeled until the last flame went out and whith it every trace of light he was alone in the cave as they aproched this was his finale stand he had to end this war here and now. His hole platoon had ben taken out, a troop of 30 men now entered the cave all whith only one thought, to cill him. he had two rounds left in his m16 and one gernade he hid by a rock and relesed a round cilling 10 men. He loaded while bullets whized all arond his head, fired the next round but only cilled two more men. His eyes had ajusted to the dark by now giving him a small advantig. The first bullet hit his arm and he fell to the ground, as he got up he pulled out his gernade and chareged. Three more bullets hit him as he reched the remaning men, one in the leg, then one in the arm agen and then the last one in the chest as he feel to the grond and he pulled the pin on the gernade. A moment latter it was all over, he hade paid the oltimite sacrafice. And bought anuff time for the backup platoon to arive. This was his finale stand. And so leaves the the questione, what makes a legand, what he does while he is alive or how he is remmbered after he dies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                writen by TOMMY SARSANO


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