Joseph Trance

His Brain


I’m sitting in the café, eating tuna salad and guzzling a Sprite when Pete flops down beside me.

I don’t even look up ‘cause I know it’s him by the rush of his air.  I chew and guzzle.  Silence.  Finally…

“We’ve got his brain.”

Now I look up.  I blinked twice before speaking.  “No way. “



“No…it wasn’t.”

“How…after all this time..?”

“Two thousand years,” I breathe out.

“More.  But worm-hole technology and medical science has come a long way.  We were able to pinpoint the exact time of His death.  We needed a pretty tall ladder and some nano-tools for the removal.     The skull wasn’t bad, but those thorns… messy. “

“Witnesses…?”  I ask trying to remember what the Book said.

He laughed.  “No.  Not really.    As soon as the solders saw us materialize …like bats outta hell, I tell ya. “

His brain.   I can’t believe it.  “So..?”

Mmmm... Complete connections between right and left halves. Full usage.    If we all have his abilities like we’re supposed to..

“Thoughts, feelings and purposes of His heart…” I quote.    I went dreamy thinking of the possibilities. “Doesn’t the Book say that we even have even more than His…?”

“Not exactly…but that’s the idea.   We’ve done some preliminary testing.  So far we’ve tested for telepathy, transmutation and teleportation. “

“And..? “  Beads of sweat drip from my forehead.

He nods.  “Confirmed.  All of it.   It suggests initially that the Book is really a Historical record…He could do all those things…He had the brain for it.”

“Jeeze.  That’ll shake the critics.”  I reach for the Sprite.


“More.  Tell me.”   I was salivating.

“We’ve done neuro-scans, virtual dissections, analysis of the fluids and electro- magnetic spectrum analysis of neural activity.  And because we were able to time it just right…less than 6 minutes after he died, oxygen wasn’t totally depleated; we were able to save…a lot.  We were even able to get some neural images of what He saw right before He…”


“Yeah, Tom.  No doubt about it.   Glorious.”

“Jesus.”   I whisper.

“Yeah.”  Peter says.



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