Nadine Glink

what I want her to know

Cause I remember you as this young girl who was afraid to be herself
Hiding behind glasses and an ever appropriate grin
Who wasn't able to open up to anyone but me
And figuring out my spirit yet undefined, you looked so deep inside
That I came up with sentences unfinished and didn't know what I said at all
But you understood, and returned exactly what I needed
I remember you as an artist, picking up every little stone
Taking shots of it from your sight, so it would look its most magic and beautiful
And drawing masterpieces with pens in less than three minutes
On these sheets of paper that I value the most
I got to know you as a dreamer, excluding all bad from your mind
Painting another view of your world in the brightest colours I'd ever seen
You'd take pessimism off me like a rain storm takes off dust
And splash life onto me when I really felt like dying
I remember you crying all through the night
Going through hell, saying I was the one to get you out unscarred
I never knew why you gave me the privilege of being this one
But I hope, I did well
I got to know you as a story teller, bowling me over with your fantasy
When I just sat reading and hoped those lines would never end
But sure they had to stop somewhere, always quite too soon
And I held on to every word so dear that I still know most of them by heart
I remember you seeing me as a part of yourself
This being all I wanted and dreamed of ever since
And I remember you wishing, hoping, shivering on the inside
When you asked if I'd be coming back around some time, and sure I did
Because I knew all I had in you from the moment I finally got to kiss you on the cheek
And you gave so naturally that you hardly ever noticed
So I remember you needing me then, understanding and wanting and fascinating me
I remember myself making you some kind of happy whenever you let me
You protecting me from my dark self and being my shelter whenever I'd need you
And for all this, I love you 


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