Melina Gittner

Ruby of Death

It was the first evening of their class trip to Rimini. Trisha and Samira were sitting at the beach, drinking cocktails. Suddenly the barkeeper of their hotel appears. “Hey girls! What’s up?” “Oh Toni, hey. What are you doing here?”, Trisha asked him. “I’m just walking along the beach.”,  was his answer. “Hey Toni, what a nice necklace!”, Samira said. He wore a leather  necklace with a ruby, which had the shape of a drop. “There was a girl, very beautiful, long brown hair,  rounded, pliant lips and this clearly green eyes...” Toni was really raving about her. “So you got the necklace from this girl?”, Trisha asked curiously. “Yes, we had a lot of fun and afterwards she gave me this necklace. As memory, she said to me.” There was a smile on Toni’s lips, when he thought of the girl.

The next morning Trisha and Samira lay on their beds. It was very quiet in the room. Suddenly they heard a loud scream. The two girls ran out of their room. A lot of people of their class were standing in the hallway. “Hey! Did one of you know, where this strange noise was coming from?”, Samira asked a group of boys. “No!”, one of them answered. All of them were really curious, so they ran downstairs to the hotel lobby. When they arrived downstairs, the girls of the class began to scream.
Toni, the barkeeper, was lying outside, next to the pool. He was dead. Toni was still wearing  the necklace, but the ruby wasn’t there anymore. Just a drop of blood.
The police officer said to the teacher, the class should stay away from the hotel after the breakfast. One hour later Samira and Trisha went into the city. They went shopping and at last into a café. In the evening they were back in the hotel like all of the people from their class. All of them were thinking about Toni, who was dead.

Three days later Trisha and Samira were lying at the beach. Next to them, a group of boys were playing volleyball. Suddenly another boy appeared, who went to the others. “Hey Samira, look!”, Trisha said nervous. The boy had a suntan. He had short black hair. He was the same type like Toni. The most strangest thing was, he wore a leather necklace with a ruby, which had a shape of a drop. Samira looked scared. When Trisha saw that, she laughed.
In the afternoon the two girl went into a library. Trisha browsed through a book, which was about legends. Suddenly she stopped browsing. There was a picture with a leather necklace and a ruby, which had the shape of a drop. The headline was written in big, black letters: “Ruby of death or blood diamond”!

>>Once upon a time, there was a girl called Ruby. She had long brown hair, rounded, pliant lips and clearly green eyes. Ruby got a husband. He had a suntan and short black hair. He was that kind of guy, who was really jealous. The jealousy was killing him. It was unbearable for him.

One day he stabbed his wife to death. A drop of blood pearled from the knife to the ground. The drop turned into a stone.
The people say, Ruby is still alive, because her soul lives in other girls, who are the same type like her. They say, the girls, who are obsessed by Ruby, flirt with men, who are the same type like her husband. Then the girls give them a leather necklace with a ruby, which has a shape of  a drop.
Twelve hours later the man, who wears the necklace, will die and the ruby will turn back and into the drop of blood!<<
Trisha closed the book. “Wow. Fascinating story!”, she thought.

On the way back to the hotel Samira and Trisha stopped at a crossroad. There were police officers and ambulance men. “Trisha, look!”, Samira screamed. Trisha was scared. The boy from the beach lay on the street. He was dead. The boy was still wearing the necklace, but the ruby..., there was just a drop of blood.
One of the police officers spoke to a friend of the dead boy. “I don’t know what happened. He was so lucky. He told me about a girl, who had long brown hair and so on. Suddenly he lay on the street, dead!”
A shiver ran down Trishas spine.

                                                           - The End-

This is my first english short story. I wrote it two years ago. I just wanted to try something new.
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