Joseph Trance

Final War

"So..."  just what do you come here with..exactly?"  Rebecca Duncan asked.

"I'm trained in a number of mind-techniques."  She smiled and adjusted herself on the couch.

"Such as...?"  She asked , as she poised her feather pen over the notepad.

"I've been trained in applied behavior analyisis, rational emotive and client-centered therapies."  I answered.

I took a long sip of the Long Island ice-tea, as she scribbled some notes.

"What else?'

"I've had some training as music therapist and know a little some thing about telekinesis."

"Is that all...?"  she asked.  The disappointment in her voice was evident.  "You do know the population of our..facility...yes?"

"Yes...I'm quite familiar with..."

"They can be difficult, you know.  They can get quite aggressive."

"I have been trained in a number of physical combat techniques...if that helps..."  She snorted.

"Hardly.  You know this is not a 'flesh and bone war.  We are dealing with Powers and Principalities here.."

"I'd like to see the ward," I said.  "I'd like to see them." 

I placed the ice tea down and regarded her sweet little frame.  She was about 5ft., maybe 90 lbs.  Her short red hair came down in a boy's cut that was neat and stylish.  Her clear blue eyes were magnified by her over-sized glasses. Her white blouse set on her nicely and her black jeans hugged her cute figure. (What's a nice girl like you, doing in a place like...)

I stared at her for a minute and cleared my throat.  "Trust me..I'm fully aware of what..."

But she shook her head and moved her back against the couch.

" to be rude..but I don't think you know what you're.."

"ARUTTA!!"  I shouted.  I stood up slowly and extended my arms towards her, my open palms facing her.

I was about two feet away from her...just close enough...just far enough...

Her glasses flew off her face as I sent a vibe through the room.  Her hair blew back, the glasses in the kitchen shook and shattered.  The sink water came on and gushed like a gyser, in a stream that defied gravity.

"Sorry...Rebecca,"  I don't have time for..this...I would really like to see them now."  I 'made' her stand up, 'made' her hands move towards the keys that hung from the key ring.  She moved, robot fashion, slow and deliberate.  Her hand slowly undid the the keys from the ring and she moved toawrds the locked door that opened onto the unit.

"Good, girl,"  I said.  "Now..if you'll just let me in, I can..."

But I never finished the thought.  Her head spun around on her neck...without the rest of her body moving.

Her eyes glazed over and rolled up, leaving only white in her sockets.  I covered my face with my arm waiting for the pea soup to project from her mouth (just like in the movie).

"Did you think it would be that easy?"  She laughed.  She growled and continued, "Just thought you could waltz in here...and come and see us?" 

"Well..basically,...yeah.."  I said.

Rebecca flexed her samall frame and suddenly muscles popped out all over her.  (Oh..great!)

Her face twitched and her voce became real gutteral.  I could feel my hold on her slipping.  She flexed again and her hand became her/it's own again.  She stopped undoing the keys and I could feel it's power as it stared me down.

"Noooo!...not that easy..." she growled.

I closed my eyes, took a breath and waited.  And in the waiting I thought... it is...the true battle.  This is what was to come.  Powers and Principalities indeed.  I opened my eyes slowly and looked out the window that was opened behind her (it).  There were hills ones.  "I look towards the Hills from whence comes my help,"  I whispered.

"O.K., I we go...."

(to be continued....)



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