Joseph Trance

Me, A Vessel




There was standing room only in the arena as the worship music began.  From the first note of "Praise the Lord,"  I could feel the vibrations in my body.  The Holy Spirit was so strong.  My hands vibrated and were getting warmer and warmer.  I looked at the crowd of 5,000 teenagers standing around me.  Eyes closed, hands raised in praise.  5,000 standing room only.

I turned around and looked at the broken bodies in wheel chairs, on crutches, and leaning against walkers.  But it wasn't all that brokenness that kept my attention.  It was the Faith on their faces.  The faith that put the light in their eyes and caused the tears that ran down their cheeks.

My hands got warmer and I closed my eyes.  The worship band began, "Look What the Lord Has Done" and all those broken bodies began to move with the pulsating beat.  The crowd joined in  one voice of power and praise as we sang:

"Look what the Lord has done.  Look what the Lord has done. 
He healed my body, He touched my mind,

He saved me...Just in Time!"...

I opened my eyes again and looked around me.  "Yes, Lord.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you,"  I said.

  That's when I felt the moving in myself that moving that caued me to push past the three teens that were to my left and make it out to the aisle.  I closed my eyes again  and stopped myself  just to make sure it wasn't me.  There were times when I moved and it was me ,and not Him; times I wanted the healing power so badly...

I closed my eyes again and made the effort to just stand.  The vibrations and warmpth in my hands got stronger.  No doubts this time.  I moved.  I went back to the wheel chair section as the song continued,

"Can you believe what the Lord has done in me?  Can you believe what the Lord has done in me?"

  She looked up at me from the wheel chair as I approached her.  Her eyes were wide, tears streamed down her face and her nose was red from the crying.  She must have been about 13.  So young.

I nodded to her as I placed my hands on the back of her chair. 

I prayed a silent prayer, "Father, your will be done.  Holy Spirit lead me."

 I bent down and whispered to her,

"Do you believe that you can be healed?" 

Her body shook and she nodded her head.  "Yes..yes..I do,"  she whispered.  Her body shook.

I placed my hands on her back.  " Father, heal her according to her faith."

I felt the heat in my hands intensify.  Hot..hotter..hotter still.  "Jesus, healed you by His stripes.  Believe and exercise your faith, get up.  Get up and give Him Priase." 

I felt the heat in my hands leave me.  Her body slumped in the chair for a second and then I felt the movement in her twisted spine.  It went from the base of her neck..down..down..down to her tail bone. In my mind,  I saw it straighten.  The "twisted path became straight."

She cried, "God!  Oh..God!  Jesus!  Jesus!"  She rose up slolwy.  I moved in front of her and offered my hands.  She took them and used them to steady herself.  She rose.  Slowly..slowy. 

"Take your time,"  I said. "Let your body get used to the change."  People in the aisles around her stopped singing as they watched her get up.  I moved with her as she grabbed onto my hands.

"God!  God!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Jesus!  Jesus!"   People around her began to clap...a group of teens gathered around her as she began to walk with me.  Then she said,

"I can do it..I myself."  She let go of my hands and began to walk on her own.  She walked to her friends and cried and cried.

"I'm healed.  I'm healed!!!  Look!  Look!"

I watched as the group of teens grew around her.  I closed my eyes and moved off and went to a side corner. 

 "Thank you, Father,"  I whispered.



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