Gracy Stone

Mulberry Street Encounter

    Marla walked down the shadowed street of Mulberry, holding her school books in her arms as she headed home.  Her honey-colored hair was pulled back into a lose ponytail, while her cheeks flushed pink from meeting Emma's eye only four minutes earlier as the both exited the doors of Batton High School.

   Marla had a secret.  She had a secret that she had only told to her best friend, who happened to be Emma, the previous night over the telephone.  The shocking gasp that Marla had heard Emma give when she had told her deepest secret still echoed through her mind.  Now, she feared that she had ruined their friendship because of her stupidity.  Emma hadn't spoken to her the entire school day.  She hadn't even sat by Marla in the cafeteria during breakfast or lunch. 

   As Marla walked on with her head hanging in quiet dispair, she spotted a frog at the side of the road.  She immediately stopped and stared at the surprisingly beautiful creature.  When it croaked, she realized that she really didn't know if it was a frog or a toad.  Was there a difference?  Decidng that it wasn't important, she  set down her books upon the road and picked up the clammy thing, then peered into its magnificent, lizard-like eyes.  They were like black voyds pulling her inward, making her feel slightly better.

   "Hi," she said to the toad or frog.

   He croaked and she smiled.

   "Well, Mr. Toad-Frog," she continued,"I think that you and I would be good friends."

   Footsteps thudded lightly to a halt behind her, and she turned around to find Emma staring down at her and the Mr. Toad-Frog.  Her blonde curls and livid face made Marla think of her as an angel standing there in front of her.

   "Hello, Marla," Emma said in a soft voice.  She shoved her hair out of her face and smiled.

   Marla set down the creature in her palm, then stood up to meet Emma's gaze.  "You're speaking to me?" she asked in confusion.  "Why?"

   Emma let out a deep sigh, her expression turing to that of concern.  "Look," she told her, "I don't care about your secret."  She  stepped toward her then continued by saying,"I just need to know one thing."

   Marla tilted her head.  "What's that?"  Her face was still flushed pink.  It was very hard to stand in front of Emma knowing that she knew her secret.

   Emma said slowly,"Do you like me as well?"  

   Marla held her breath, then looked down at the ground for a moment, hesitating before answering, "Yes," in a shaky voice.

   Emma actually smiled, which took Marla by surprise.  Then, she stepped forward and sealed her lips with Marla's.  When she broke the kiss, she giggled and Marla was so happy she couldn't even breathe.

   "Why did you do that?" Marla asked, touching her fingers to her lips in shock.

   "I accept how you feel," Emma said sweetly, then reached for Marla's hand.  "If took me a little time to see...Let's go."

   Marla finally smiled at her crush.  And with that, the two girls walked down Mulberry Street, hand in hand.  Marla looked back at the toad she had met, then winked at him.


I wanted to write this really short story to show some part of who I am. I like to create stories that people would normally not expect, or to create stories that boggle one's mind. I just thought that this was a cute, yet weird story.Kommentar des Autoren


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