Samantha Murray

Problems & Disasters

By: Tracey Cronin & Samantha Murray
Well it all started when I began Secondary School. I had a crush on one boy but for some reasons he never noticed me. One day in the cafeteria I thought my dream had come true when I saw Paddy coming over to my table. I thought I was in luck because the end of year ball was coming up soon. I was all ready to be asked but instead he asked Kern my friend who was next to me. I looked at her she looked at me but then she turned around and said “Ya of course I will”. My heart sank. I felt a tear entering my eye but I tried to hold it back. Kern went off with Paddy and just left me all alone in the cafeteria. I had no one.
When I went home that evening Mom noticed that there was something wrong. She said nothing.
The next morning I woke up to my pillow was soaking. I didn’t stop crying for the whole night.
(A Few Weeks later)
Well it’s the night of the ball and you know what, I’m NOT GOING. Mom said that I should go and forget about Paddy. As she said “There are more fish in the sea”. But Paddy is the one for me.
Suddenly we heard a knock on the door. Mom went down and guess who was there. Kern. She said “If you don’t go I won’t go”. Mom looked at me with the eyes that told me go. I said “Are you going with Paddy”. “No”  “Why not” “We had a fight and things were said” “Okay”. So I went upstairs and got ready. I had bought a new dress especially for it so I was glad to be wearing it. Kern’s Mom drove us there.
But Then Disaster Struck
A lorry came out of nowhere with no lights on and drove straight into us. I broke my 2 hips and I am in a wheel chair now. Kern is still in a coma and is on a life support machine. And Kern’s Mom died.
My life has changed dramatically. My best friend is gone and the boy I liked is still not noticing me.
Will Life Every Be The Same Again
                             THE END


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