Ronja Lagerqvist

The Diary

“Oh no!” groaned Sam when he woke up on Tuesday morning. As he clambered out of bed he suddenly remembered that it was show and tell today! But wait, Sam didn’t have anything to take in. Just then Sam’s sister Liz came out of her bedroom. He had a brainwave! What about something that held Liz’s deepest darkest secrets. Her diary!
“...and that’s why my super mega robot fighter is the bestest ever” “o.k. Jack, erm, thank you. Who’s next? What about you Sam.”
Sam literally jumped out of his seat and ran up the classroom and began his show and tell “This is my sister Liz’s diary! I’m gonna read what she said Saturday! “oh wow isn’t Johnny Murphy soooooo dreamy I wish he would ask me to the senior dance” and now I’m gonna read you yesterdays”OMG! You won’t BELIEVE what happened in school today the cutest guy ever Johnny Murphy asked me to the dance..”. “That quite enough, Samuel I think I’ll have that!” Miss Sisselia grabs the diary and waddles over to the dreaded teacher’s desk!
“Oh no please Miss she’ll kill me! No seriously she walloped me yesterday for brushing the cat’s teeth with her tooth brush. It wasn’t my fault the cat had really smelly breath!” Sam says giggling as he remembers the look on her face! “No I’ll keep it and give it you back at the end of the week.” Says teach sternly.
As Sam dejectedly slumped back into his seat looks of pity from his friends, Jack and Harry, were throw across the room.
 Soon the bell rings. The boys gathered in a corner of the playground and discussed Sam’s will.
“I want your comics”
“Ya and I get your psp”
“But if he gets the psp I want your comics and your frog”
“Ya but we can’t leave out your sister though, you can give your sister your underwear and homework!”
“We could save him if we replaced the diary couldn’t we?”
“Yeah but how?”
“We could rewrite the diary”
“But how would we know what was in it?”
“Well it will be full of lovey dovey kissey stuff about Johnny Murphy, her true love!”
“Well what are we waiting for let’s go!”
So Sam, Jack and Harry went off and began the diary!
May 12th
Dear Diary,
It was soooo romantic when we started to dance, Johnny started brake dancing on the floor. Oh he’s soooo cool! Then he brought me to the drinks and slobbered me on the cheek it was the best moment of my life.
“Well that wasn’t too hard” exclaimed Jack
“Yeah I think we should write more”
May 16th
Dear Diary,
Johnny Murphy can push a noodle up his nose and pull it out his ear...he is so very popular he should go on youtube.
“Come on there’s only space for one more.”
May 22nd
Dear  Diary,
My one and only true love, Johnny Murphy ate the biggest 9 meat pizza in the was sooo romantic.
Eventually the end of the day came. I can sneak the diary back into sis’ room now thought Sam
“Sam come up to my desk please. I have decided to give you back the diary but if I ever see you with it again I shall ring your Mum.”
“Ok miss.”
“Oh well all that effort for nothing” said Jack
“Yeah well at least we had a laugh”
“And we have a back up for next time!”


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