Mikayla Powell


I lay on the cold earthly ground. Filling with emotion, my vision sarts to turn blury. But, i can still see the dead, rotting corpes' next to me. All i feel though is pain, and the wetness of my own blood and tears. I slowly get up off the ground, expecting to get help from another solider. But no. I fall back and my head hits and general's leg. Turn to face him and see that he's been hit with an arrow. It looks as though it entered through the back and exited to his chest. As i got up to my feet all i see is deafet. my men getting slauhtered, and the enemy men singing to thier victory. I grab the nearest musket, and start to aimlessely towards the enemy.


A canon hits the ground not to far from where i was just standing. I run towards the base to were the other general's are. As i run towards there, the enemy starts shoting at me, and only me. I look down at the ground for just a secound, and see my brother on the ground. His leg is red of bleeding and he has blood shot eyes. I look at his hand and see that he was holding on to are little sister Bella's doll, for good luck in battle. I satnd there and take my hat off for a final prayer to him. just as i'm about finsh saying the prayer, i'm shot.

I turn around and see a man with fear in his eyes looking at me and the shot gun pointing at me with smoke coimng out of the top. I fall to my knees, choking on blood. Blood's runing down my chin and everything turns blury. I take my gun out with shaking hands and shot the man that shot me right in the head. My face hits the ground and then nothing, i'm dead to the world.   


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