Kim Haslam

This Adventure Has to Continue

Everything has come out of me; all is clear

"Now I will see you inside and out"

Let me find a vein and you will sleep like a baby

A small part of me fantasized about never returning

What a painless way to die

Fly Fly away to the heavens

But I know more hearts would be broken than I ever experienced

I wake up from a deep happy dream

And I realize that this adventure has to continue

I begin walking miles toward transportation

As I shake from hunger and fatigue - fifty - five hours is along time without nutrients

I look to my right; unfamiliar faces

I look to my left; no one I can recognize

I look straight ahead toward a crowd full of strangers

I open my wallet without a penny to spare

I feel the snake tugging at my heart

"I can make your life fulfilled again"

I do feel a bit empty

I close my eyes and I see love, I see millions of dollars, and I hear laughter

My arms open wide grasping for the future

And then the rest of this buzz wears off

I am home; I know because you are cradling me in your arms and I look empty and pale when I look up

We are still struggling; struggling for the unknown

And I wont walk away because I can bare it

Forgive me for my mistakes and the burdens I've laid upon your shoulders

I am remorseful for my troubles that you are better off without

I feel a bit selfish for loving you and finding a home in your emotions



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