Joaquin Cajiao

I Didn't Know


I didn’t know



I didn’t know which way to go

I didn’t know I had to go.

I started out on this weekend journey and all was well.  By the end of the weekend and the beginning of the week, things began to get complicated on my journey in to the unknown.

The winds carried me way off course and that’s how I ended up here.  I was flying around minding my own business with not a care in the world.  The weather was sunny and clear, all of sudden I took my eyes off the instruments for less than a minute.  Next thing I know it went from clear and sunny to dark and wet.   I tried to get my bearings but there were no familiar landmarks to guide me by.  Oh man I hope I get out of this wind tunnel, the turbulance is so bad im loosing lift real fast.


I managed to regain control I’m really just flying by the seat of my pants, as I continue to climb in to this dark land.  I make it to a point I’ll call Mt Chest, this Ill call home to ride out this wind storm.  I like it up here plenty of clean air to breath; it will help me get good nights sleep so I can continue on up north.  I go over and over in my head, where could I have made my mistake and ended up here.  I know I entered the mouth canyon and then things went all wrong, I lost all control and ended up here. 


This place is so pretty full of fresh air but way to windy and shakey for me to stay indefinitely camped out here.  It’s so loud it’s like being inside a freight train with full load screaming ahead.  Time to leave this place as morning arrives better start heading further up north As I prepare to leave a thick decongesting fog starts rolling in, oh no time to high tail it out of this place.  I fly out heading due north feeling light headed, hey what are they trying to do kill me in this place? .


Ah finally some familiar sights, there Mt Sinus and that’s Mt runny nose these peaks are pretty dangerous.  I’ll have to be careful flying allround. In these parts one wrong move and Ill end up splattered on a disposable tissue.  Oh no not the triple punch sinus, cold and flu syrup coming in to kill me away.  So long cruel world till the next cold season, when I make this long trip again.  This is Howiee the cold bug saying so long for now see you next flu season.



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