Timothy Vollmer

Never Happened

The cell shook against his leg as he pulled into the liquor
mart.  He pulled it out of his pocket to
see the name and it was hers.  He stared
at it until the shaking stopped.  He set
it down on top of the change pocket and stared ahead into the store.  Moments later, it shook the coins
violently.  He held down his voicemail

“Hey Judd, I just got your message now.  If you want to give me back my books…I’m
going to be busy most of the night...and tomorrow.  Wednesday would be better actually.  Give me call.”

He went inside the store and bought two Wild Turkey shooters
and a pint of Crown Royal with a sad song on his mind, one that played
precisely for him inside of a coffee store that morning.  He was amazed he never got into Neil

He carried his whiskey gently as he approached his car.  As he exited the parking lot, he found her
name in his missed calls and pressed send.

“Hey Judd.”

“I left your books in front of your door.”

“…in front of my apartment door?”


“Okay, I can pick them up tonight when I go home.”

“Alright. Later.”

“Yeah, bye…”

He hung up and went home. He never saw her again and it hurt for the rest of his life.

He only kissed her twice the time he told her how he felt
about her.  He never made love to her.  


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